Book-In-Focus: Diversions: America Under Attack by Frederick Nathan

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Terror changes people. It brings out the noblest of characters. Sometimes, it highlights humanity's worst qualities. It forces us to face what it truly means to be human.

A massive terrorist attack has killed and maimed hundreds of Americans. No one is safe. Not even the president of the United States who came so close as being one of the victims. The thirst for blood and the lust for fear is not easily satisfied as a terrorist cell, and its leader seeks to enact a multifaceted attack. It's target ― the leaders of one of the most powerful nations of the world.

The book, Diversions: America Under Attack, follows the story of a brilliant high school student and rogue terrorist plotting revenge on the people he used to work for. As the story unfolds, it unravels how these two characters' paths crossed to enact their missions. Will their actions save the world? Or, will it add the reign of terror that threatens to engulf the world as we know it?

Meanwhile, an Anti-Terrorist Taskforce is formed to uncover the enemy's plans and to destroy them before they kill everyone. As the tension grows, the cell leader plots to outsmart them and plans more devastating and senseless attacks, as diversions.

Will the Anti-Terrorist Taskforce be able to keep up with the mounting terror that aims to affect both the innocent and the leadership? Is this a race that no one will win at the end and take countless lives at its wake?

Diversions is a riveting tale of good versus evil. But, it highlights the reality that what is right and what is evil may no longer be very clear in the face of fear. It also brings to light what it means to live in the age of terror and if, for most of the world, it is still fiction or if it is already the reality that society is facing.

Reviews & What Readers Say

“This is a very exciting and well written book. I loved it and recommend it. It is a fast read and I found I could not put it down. Very much like Mr. Nathan's first book which I also enjoyed.”

—Gary Solomon, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

" Diversions is an easy reading, action pack novel. The author describes each character in detail and uniquely weaves the characters path together to a climatic finish. The author brings in the same logical thinking as he did in his first book Explosions. Read carefully to fully appreciate some humor and political jabs."

—Glenn R, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

" If you liked "Explosions", you'll really like "Diversions", another classic detective thriller. It's a straightforward, easy to read book with great characters and a frighteningly realistic story. I loved it."

― Andy Sheppard, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

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Frederick Nathan is a retired educator who used stories and storytelling as a major tool throughout his career. He is also a history buff and a political junkie. Although this work is fiction, Nathan’s concern is that its premise is not.