Book Talk: Man's Destiny Unplugged by Tanya Coley

Man's Destiny Unplugged by Tanya Coley_The BookWalker

There are many things that cannot be explained in life. Some call it a mystery, some dismiss it as the unknown, and some, call it a leap of faith.

What do you call it when life becomes nearly unbearable and unimaginable things are thrown at you from every direction? Hell on earth?

What is it like to begin to seek God at a deeper level that everything begins to make sense again? A Miracle?

Man's Destiny Unplugged is a story of the author's encounter with things that were bizarre and unexplainable. It explores the various points in her life when she felt that she was living her personal hell on earth. She began to ask a question that many may have asked themselves―what have I done to deserve this?

Her life came to a point where it seemed that she had nowhere to turn to. Until she determined to turn to God.

On a Saturday morning in 2004, she woke up to the voice of God telling her to write a book called “Man's Destiny Unplugged.” The voice was clearer than anything she had ever heard before, so she decided to obey and tried to take her calling to pen and paper. Nothing came of it. As destiny would have it, it was only a birth of an idea and the beginning of her calling.

God has not forgotten. In 2013, she was called again. This time, she began filling pages and pages with words that flowed as though they were dictated to her. She was a vessel, an instrument to tell the story of her own life.

Tanya Coley's life is one that only the hand of God could have authored ―a riveting thriller full of lessons that will be a blessing to anyone who is going through a tumultuous journey through life. It is a story and a testament that you, too, can come to victory.

In life, we are given a few opportunities when we are called to do something that leads to our purpose. Do you dismiss it because life, as it often does, gets in the way? Or, do you recognize the voice of God and know that there is nothing more important than to be lead by his grace?

There are many things that cannot be explained in life. These things cannot be denied, so is the grace of God that leads everyone who follows him to their individual victory. Man's Destiny Unplugged tells a story of suffering, confusion, and heartache. More importantly, it is a story of salvation and victory.

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Tanya Coley was born in a small district in Jamaica. She grew up with both parents and ten siblings.

" My parents taught me many wonderful timeless values-love of God, love, and respect of self, and respect for others. Those values have been a guiding light throughout my life, and they are values to which I return to time and again when it matters. As a child, I cared about the world around me. I love nature, and I find true beauty in creation. As a young adult, I migrated to the United States. I attended college in New York and earned a bachelor's degree. I am a citizen of the United States. I love God. Worshiping Jesus is my passion. I am very adventurous. The journey of my life, which is a great adventure, continues today.""