Book Talk: The Boarding Pass by Betty Gossell & Karen Pickens

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It’s easy to think that each person we see is just an individual trying to get from point A and point B. Someone buys a ticket... Gets on board... Arrives at their destination and goes on with their lives.

What happens when we think about that individual for what they are―a living, breathing person with a story? Are we going to see our humanity through the motivations that have led them to their journey? Or, are we going to be astonished at what awaits them at their destination?

The Boarding Pass opens with Jean Miller finding another passenger's boarding pass during a delayed afternoon flight from Dallas to St. Louis. This inconspicuous piece of paper that belonged to a Lisa Davis has prompted Jean to wonder about Lisa's life. What was it like? Was it similar or more fulfilling than her own?

The story continues to explore the lives of seven other passengers who sat in the same airplane seat that day. What has led them to this journey in the first place? What are they thinking about as they quietly sit in their seats? What awaits them at the next stop? The book reveals compelling stories of what awaits them at their destination―love, war, marriage, divorce, business failure.

The Boarding Pass is a book that allows us to re-discover that each person has a story. At any given moment, something is happening to somebody, whether it is extraordinary or mundane. And, even the most mundane events can have an interesting motivation behind them.

Everyone has somewhere to get to, but nobody is merely just taking one step after another. The book tells the story of each individual passenger, but much like Jean Miller, it allows the reader to contemplate these narratives. It prompts a reflection on whether or not a story within this book resonates with the reader and why.

Reviews & What Readers Say

“Great story! Each chapter left me wanting more and wondering about each travelers life after their flight! I loved it!!!”

—Laurie Crosby, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

Very unique plot!

" This is such a cool concept. Passengers on a plane all share one thing in common - their seat. Each chapter is told from a different person's point of view, different lives, all from the next person who takes the same seat on the same plane. I was able to finish this book in 2 nights. I loved it and recommend it. Would make a cool movie, actually. I can see a star studded cast, each playing the different travelers."

—Jennifer DeBord, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

" Love this book. Each chapter leaves you wanting to know more about the characters. Definitely a great read."

―Lorri L. Martin, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

Note: Now available. Click here

Betty Gossell has loved reading and writing all of her life. She has been a healthcare consultant for more than 20 years, and spent most of that time travelling across the country, often on 2 or 3 flights each week. Betty's first book was The Boarding Pass which she wrote with her daughter Karen Pickens. Betty has been on hundreds of flights, and Karen's first travel experience was when she was just four months old, so travel writing came easily to both of them.

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