Book Discovery: The Navigator Series: Coaching Self by Mark Wilkes-Jones

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Life gets in the way. Stress, anger, frustration, and sometimes depression are just some of the very real factors that hinder a lot of people in finding their true value and purpose. While it is true that there are some who unfortunately never get out of this "rut," there are those who make it out. Those who make it out go on to lead fulfilling lives and carry with them the lessons that they have learned with them. What makes the difference between those who get stuck and those who successfully find their way?

The Navigator Series: Coaching Self is inspired by the very materials used in programs that effectively coach people in leadership and self-coaching. It employs the techniques and strategies used in these areas to make a positive difference in the reader's life.

Through the completion of a myriad of activities throughout this book, the reader is encouraged to take back the reigns of their destiny. It makes use of actionable items that serves as a step by step guide in developing their potential.

The key difference between this book and most works in the self-help section is that this is a practical guide to self-development that will set you on a path to positive and more importantly, lasting change.

Topics covered in this book include: establishing your values, vision, and goals, motivation, identifying and taking action against the barriers to your success, and learning to accept change in your life.

Many people consider themselves victims of fate. More often than not, this perception of victimhood is a result of years of negative habits that are so ingrained in the mind that they become the norm. To some, it is the lack of purpose, the absence of a vision that is essential in guiding successful people in the day to day challenge of achieving their full potential.

What makes the difference between those who get stuck and those who successfully navigate through their personal obstacles? It is a combination of a lot of things. For starters, it is the realization that they could coach themselves out of the habits that are stopping them from making a positive change. This book cuts the fat of the traditional self-help clutter and in place, uses actionable strategies that will help readers generate a life-long positive impact for themselves.

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Mark Wilkes-Jones is a former decorated British Detective whose 15 year career also included an 18 month secondment to the United Nations Mission in Kosovo, where he performed multiple roles including that of Chief Regional Series Crime Squad and Exhumations Team Leader for his last 9 months. Never one for letting the grass grow under his feet Mark then went on to work in Africa as an overland tour guide and in 2006 went to work as a private contractor in Iraq, training Police Recruits.