Special Feature: Secrets of Heaven by Dijeng Ennie Mphake

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The wisdom of God is often too immense for the knowledge of men. This is why many things are hard to explain or accept. However, because of His grace, God often use humans as vessels to reveal his plans. Those who are chosen will feel an unmistakable calling.

Secrets of Heaven is a book of many revelations and promises. It talks about secrets that have long been hidden and manifestations that are yet to come.

In this book, the author discusses God's revelations about Africa's suffering and the purpose behind it. Africa has seen its share of famine and suffering. Its trials and tribulations are not only felt as a nation but are experienced in the day to day lives of Africa's children. Secrets of Heaven speaks of hope and God's promise of Africa's deliverance.

God has many plans that are unknown to men. This book urges its readers to trust and praise God as his plans manifest in the world.

Many are called but only a few will answer. And, for those who do, the road may not be easy. When you are God's chosen vessel, you will be met with obstacles that will try to break you. Thankfully, you can rely on the immeasurable strength of God and not your own. This book is a product of the author's trust in God just as a child trusts a father. It is written as a result of an unrelenting stirring of the spirit.

Suffering is often a misunderstood circumstance. Those who feel the aches of suffering often see only the pain and forget about the purpose. It is normal and entirely human to feel pain but it requires faith to see the purpose behind it and recognize that it is part of life's journey.

Secrets of Heaven is a testimony that with suffering comes salvation. It gives the readers hope for the future and it encourages those whose hearts God has touched to continuously pass the message along.

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Dijeng Mphake was born in a place called Nokaneng in Mpumalanga. It happened one day in May 2008 (she cannot remember the exact date) when she was sleeping, God visited her, but in voice only. She didn’t see the figure, but they had a long conversation. God told Dijeng that he wanted her to preach the true gospel to the people. At first, she was reluctant, giving her reasons for why she wasn’t the right person to do this work, but as you know, God has all authority. Dijeng had to surrender. Since that time in May 2008, God has been speaking to her, but it has not been easy, because demonic spirits fought with her, trying to prevent her from delivering God’s message. In the years before God appeared to Dijeng, she tried to figure out what her name means. Dijeng translated into English means “to eat.” Dijeng’s question was, “What is it that the people need to eat that I can feed them?” Then God told her, “I have blessed you with a plate of food that I need you to dish out to the people.” He explained that food entails different kinds of food, not necessarily only the food that people cook, but also good food like knowledge and love, and most of all spiritual food.