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Some experiences stick with us no matter how much time has passed. The details may become blurry after many years. The experience may feel distant that we begin to doubt if the events truly transpired or if it was just part of an inspiring dream. But, these experiences are never truly gone as it lives on within us. It lives on as pieces of the puzzle of who we are.

One such experience is told in Brazilian Saddle Stories. This book originated as a series of diaries kept during one exciting time in the fifties deep in upcountry Brazil. These memories are revisited as a former cowboy sets foot in Mato Grosso do Sul once again. This is the place where he spent unforgettable times that have shaped his character many years ago.

In the fifties, author Bruce Vaughan worked for a British meat company in the interior of Brazil. The author recounts the exciting events of his life as a young man from Britain plucked from the life that he is used to into an exciting new adventure as a cowboy in Brazil.

Brazilian Saddle Sores is an exciting true to life account. It tells the story of tragedy and compassion told with a lightheartedness that can only be developed through time.

Brazil has changed a lot since the author's time in the country in the fifties. Brazil has changed. The author has also grown a lot since then. However, it does not fail to bring about the nostalgia of a life that he lived there. Present Brazil, although somewhat changed, has triggered memories that were formerly distant, now fresh and vivid as if it has just transpired recently. This is one of the charms of this book. It manages to paint the reader a picture of what was it like back then. It transports the reader to a different time so they too can relish in the adventures that are told through its pages.

What Readers Say

"Very enjoyable book. Service and quality were also excellent."

―Don Frazee, Amazon Client Verified Purchase

" This is a marvelous, hands-on, heroic account of the Brazilian beef cattle industry's early years. Having had similar experiences, and being a customer and friend of CFM, I greatly recommend this book to my friends Ian Hill, James Eagers and Rodney Hobbs, the modern-day counterparts to Dr. Vaughan."

―H. F. Tavares, Amazon Client Verified Purchase

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As a young man Bruce spent some years in Brazil,working for the British meat giant Vestey's. He then went back to school to study chiropractic. Dr. Bruce Vaughan graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic (USA) in 1966 and has practiced in Hong Kong ever since. He is the founder and was the President for many years of the Hong Kong Chiropractors Association. He served on the World Federation of Chiropractic Council for nineteen years representing Asia and was the President from 2000 - 2002. Bruce still practices as the senior partner of Drs. B. S. Vaughan & Associates (Chiropractors). He is the author of six other books and enjoys painting and gardening.​

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