Book-In-Focus: The Books of Norene: Wolves and Werewolves by Jane Sefc

The Books of Norene: Wolves and Werewolves by Jane Sefc_The BookWalker

The Books of Norene I: Wolves and Werewolves is set in a world governed by a precarious truce between the humans of Norene and the werewolves. This truce, however, is fraught with an underlying bitter conflict that when the first opportunity to disturb the temporary peace presented itself, the land of Norene is immediately placed in great danger.

This disturbance of peace is brought about a green-eyed stranger in search of a necklace that has the power to overthrow the king and destroy the world. The leader of the werewolf who is very much hungry for power aids this stranger in obtaining the necklace in exchange for the throne of Norene.

In the midst of the search, a werewolf's bite with the aid of the necklace has transformed a wolf into a human named Daniel, whose superhuman abilities have attracted the king's attention and the werewolves.

Amidst the war, betrayal, politics, and intrigue Wolves and Werewolves is a story about Daniel's evolution from a wolf to a human. It explores the transformation of his character and the inner conflicts of identity that results from it. The book provides an imaginative twist on the transformation that transcends just the physical aspects but focuses on inner maturation as well.

The book also introduces us to the king's fatherly relationship with Daniel and how their bond the outcome that is the destiny of Norene. Under the king’s guidance, Daniel becomes more animalistic but at the same time more human. He is torn between the human relationships that he has formed like what he has with the king of Norene and at the same time, he is saddled with his origin, an animal. Wolves and Werewolves take us to a whole new world which is the kingdom of Norene and to another layer of this dimension, the world of werewolves. The book’s plot is told in many layers. There is the individual struggle of a wolf turned human and the larger conflict of a kingdom on the brink of destruction.

Truly one of a kind not to be missed book!

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