Special Feature: Consciousness V Catastrophe by Gillian Ross

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At this time in human history, we are finding ourselves in a fast-changing world. The world, as we know it, has not shifted this fast before. While this new world has brought about mind-boggling newer technologies, it has also brought about many problems that we are behooved to solve.

However, even the dynamics in which we are to solve these problems have changed. We simply cannot solve our problems using the same level of thinking we had when we created them.

Consciousness V Catastrophe explores the current crises that humanity is facing today. It also guides us in examining our inner selves, prompting us to question what it means to be human today. More importantly, it guides us in finding the answers. All we have to do is decide to take on the challenge of embarking on a journey into ourselves―transcending from the superficial to a state of an awakened consciousness. Within each of us is a consciousness that lies dormant. This consciousness is beyond the limitations of our words and thoughts. It is not a product of fear or hindered by our egos.

Once we decide to awaken our consciousness, we are taken into an elevated sense of understanding, and a whole new way of experiencing. This is not about the fleeting "moments of enlightenment". This is about a permanent connection that connects us with our inner joy, peace, and inspiration. Moreover, it connects us with our earth community. It gives us a sense of knowing that guides us about the part we play in solving the problems that humanity is facing at the present time.

The present world that we live in has given us many advancements in the physical realm that it has become very easy to be lost in it. We are given so much to keep our hands and minds busy that there is no time to introspect, to search for spiritual wisdom, and develop our spiritual technologies.

Consciousness V Catastrophe is about our calling to enter into a mystical renaissance that leads to an enriching life. Not everyone will take on the challenge of even taking the first step on this journey. However, if enough of us can move into an awakened consciousness that is beyond fear and ego, we can usher in a new era of humanity.

Reviews & What Readers Say

“This is a wonderful book. We recommend it highly.Comprehensively yet meticulously researched it aims to help overcome our current separation neurosis both as individuals and in our culture.A neurosis which is at the heart of our current crisis….. brought about by our rampant individualism and gross materialism….by our ignoring of the transcendent.A neurosis which will lead us to catastrophe if we cannot move beyond it in conscious evolution towards embracing the transcendent.It is illuminating with respect to the scientific wonders revealed by quantum physics but also has the ability to awaken awe at the beauty of the universe (of which we are part) in the inspirational way of the poet.The book helps to flesh out the urgent and radical conversion needed that Naomi Klein postulates -in her ground breaking book This Changes Everything.Gillian Ross is a compelling author and integrates so well the ideas of her own with writers who are teaching the importance of evolutionary consciousness."

Anne McLay and Margie Abbott, Amazon Client Verified Purchase

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Gillian has an Honours Science Degree and a PhD in Anthropology but left academic and city life in the mid eighties and set out as a single mum with three young sons to pursue an alternative lifestyle. Her 40 acre home in the beautiful Nimbin Valley of northern NSW Australia has become a sanctuary for meditation retreats and residential workshops on evolutionary spirituality and sacred activism. She has published four books on science and mysticism. A long time meditator and yoga practitioner, Gillian is best known for her relaxation and meditation CDs which she started recording through the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in the early nineties.

Please visit Dr. Gillian Ross' official website www.drgillianross.com

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