Special Feature: The Perfecting Family Meets the Perfect God by Raphael Glover

The Perfecting Family Meets the Perfect God by Raphael Glover_The BookWalker

When and how do we pray? When do we reach out to the Creator? If we are to be honest, for most of us and for most of the times, we do it only when things are not going well. We reach out to God when we need help. We pray when we are experiencing the lowest of days. When we are content, Christ takes the last rung in our ladder of priorities.

In The Perfecting Family Meets the Perfect God, we meet the Traviaso family. The Traviasos are content and happy. The family lives life with utmost satisfaction about their status in regular society. They are pursuing societal perfection without giving God his due attention in their lives. Amidst their comfortable lifestyle, the son, Joshua, expresses his interest in knowing more about God. The family’s patriarch, on the other hand, is of the understanding that they don’t need God in their lives. This is because they believe that they are doing rather well even without putting Him in the center of their family life.

However, Joshua is steadfast in his intention to learn more about Christ. Little by little, the light that flows from his own faith spreads through the other members of the Traviaso family. But it wasn’t until the family experiences a reversal of their bourgeois lifestyle that they finally entirely turn to God. It is from this unfavorable predicament that the members of the Traviaso family learn of the mercy of Jesus Christ. By turning closer to God, they were able to understand the reasoning behind the sadness that they had to go through. And it was only with their much stronger faith that they were able to overcome said sadness.

Author Raphael Glover writes a beautiful story about the many things that we can accomplish and overcome in God’s will. According to him, “We can experience highs and lows in life, but if we make the right choices within him, he can give us eternal life, and that’s the ultimate goal.”

This is exactly what the Traviasos went through, and we are lucky to be learning from their story. In The Perfecting Family Meets the Perfect God, we are reminded that our lives are never without trials and tribulations. But even when we can overcome these bumps on the road, God the Savior should still be at the center of our lives. Even when we are cruising along beautifully carefree days, we should always keep Christ close in our hearts―to protect us and to give us strength.

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Raphael Glover was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio to loving parents. He spent many years down south. In his early years, little young Raphael has always yearned to learn. He quickly fell in love with books; counted words in books, learned to read early on. Raphael eventually had a passion for writing short stories himself an decided to have his story published as an adult. He's eager to let readers take a glimpse of his material, and was inspired seeing them engaged in finishing the full tale knowing they would not regret their time spent.