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Our existences, the lives we live, and all the moments wherein our respective paths meet, comprise a great Dialogue. Gina's work embodies this, emerging from some of her darkest hours and brightest days, which she has transmuted into contemplative and sincere pieces. They show how the contrasting aspects of her personal highs and lows interact, and in effect create that titular Dialogue. It is intimate and uniquely hers, even as its essence applies broadly, maybe even universally, potentially offering others a source of illumination for their paths.

“Having conversations face to face in today’s world is almost impossible,” Gina says. “We have lost our soul connections with each other. The challenge with Dialogue was not so much in pieces I wrote but more about… should I share these personal moments?”

By sharing these pivotal life conversations, Gina reveals that all our lives are in essence a series of such conversations―with ourselves, with each other, and with reality itself. She shows the commonalities they share and their preciousness, for they can be fleeting in a world so rife with distractions. At the same time, if we merely sit down and listen, we can see that the Dialogue is all around us and in us.

These inherent contradictions Dialogue. Light and darkness. Fleeting yet all around us. This paradox serves as a reminder not to take even the simplest things for granted. While one may dismiss these matters as small and insignificant, in their absence one will discover their vitality. Dialogue is like the salt of the earth and the very air we breathe. Without it, the moments of our lives would be just a clock, ticking down to oblivion.

Appreciating these dialogues becomes an infusion of jouissance. A breath of fresh air for starved and burning lungs. Simultaneously shade amidst searing light and the break of dawn after the darkest night. Dialogue relieves us while reorienting us to reality, keeping us honest with each other and ourselves by letting us humanize each other and, in effect, ourselves. Give and take is the core of a good conversation, after all. Consistency is predictability, and life is everything but! On the other hand, contradictions keep us on our toes. As we should be, if we are to dare take the plunge into depths unfathomed.

As Gina says, “It’s okay to have Dialogue with one another… to go deeper than someone’s surface.”

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The author was born and raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Freedom Iam has experienced four decades of life. She took several breaks in her personal life to raise her three children, who are all now young adults. Watching the world change and wanting to make a difference was one of the reasons she wanted to release parts of her work. From pain to peace, some valued experiences, and life lessons, through her poetry, she hopes to reach the world if not but one soul.

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