Book-In-Focus: 52 Simple Ways to Raise Your Vibrations by Michael Redmond

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Writing is a labor of love, as Michael Redmond puts it. He was compelled to by that little voice in the back of his head, beckoning him for years until he could no longer resist it. The act was like sparking a flame in his soul, awakening its engine, and opening his eyes to new possibilities. In the course of this process of self-discovery and actualization, he decided to pen a work that would give others a dose of those good vibes he was channeling. The result is a collection of “52 Simple Ways To Raise Your Vibrations,” which he now shares with readers everywhere.

These waves, radiating in positive frequencies, were what galvanized Redmond to pen his work. It came not from an external source, but from a desire deep within him. And with it, he was able to complete his work, equal parts an achievement and a lovingly laborious feat as he previously described. The uplifting and constructive energies of these vibrations are what he aims to impart to readers, either to awaken similar drives waiting within them or to enrich their own already radiant flames.

“There is a basic message that I have tried to convey through this book. That message is that we can feel better about ourselves regardless of external circumstances. Everything that we experience in our physical world was once a thought.” Redmond elaborates, adding that this is the basis of our realities. “If we can become more aware of our thoughts, then we have more of a chance at creating better realities in our lives. This is easy to say, but not always easy to do.”

So “52 Simple Ways To Raise Your Vibrations” also imparts mindfulness, awareness of the nature of things, how one affects one’s self and one’s surroundings, including other individuals, and how one is affected by these in turn. This understanding thus enables people to steer the courses consciously they’ll take in life, improving the agency they have over how they’ll grow and develop individually and in relation to each other.

“I came up with 52 different ways to increase our vibrational rate, which will, in turn, allow us to feel better about ourselves and from there hopefully create better outcomes in our lives. This is why I wrote the book,” Redmond states. “I'm hoping that people can take on some of these suggestions, which will, in turn, help them experience more joy and fulfillment in some of the simple pleasures of life.”

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Michael has spent his working life in varying occupations such as teaching/presenting, lifeguarding, and paramedic duties. Michael is also a clinical hypnotherapist who has had over eight years in private practice helping people overcome some of their challenging issues. Through these experiences and his own self-development, Michael developed a unique perspective. He realized that everyone has the ability and potential to feel better about themselves, regardless of where we are in our lives. As we do that, we give off higher energies, which helps us bring about positive change. Michael lives in Sydney, Australia, with his wonderful wife of twenty years. During that time, they have raised two beautiful children. Michael enjoys his outdoor activities such as running, swimming, kayaking, and bushwalking along with socializing with friends and watching sports. All these things help to raise his vibrational output.

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