Book-In-Focus: If They Knew Who He Was by Christopher Proia

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The nation is in disarray. The people are divided, the government is debilitated, and those in power have forgotten their duties. What results is a dominant world power that has turned its back on what is righteous, forsaking its allies and its people to become the greatest threat to the freedoms it once embodied. This is not the real America but an unreal one, as author Christopher Proia weaves a cautionary tale that’s all too relevant in these times. The only hope lies in the people, for If They Knew Who He Was, then they might finally redeem the nation.

Proia’s allegory takes some liberties and exaggerates to make a point, but at its heart, it is no laughing matter. He depicts the chilling course of inexcusable acts that a corrupt country takes on its downward spiral. We see the perspective of everyday citizens as well as those on the other side, on the receiving end of a foreign policy that grows ever more imperialistic. On the domestic front, emotions grow frayed as unjust laws are passed, as draconian measures are enacted and as inequities worsen due to neglect or outright malice. The hallmark of this new state of affairs is the cruel and unusual treatment of people at home and abroad.

Not all is bleak and dreary. At its core, Proia’s message is a hopeful one, as he shows how these adversities catalyze mass movements to chart a new path for the nation. They face the challenges before them, the new threat to the union and the entire world order. Theirs is a struggle that will redefine America. Will they succumb to the forces of fear and cruelty marshaled by the corrupt and craven? Or will they save the dream and rekindle the flame of freedom?

If They Knew Who He Was derives its narrative from events both current and historical, triumphs and tragedies that have occurred both at home and abroad. Proia highlights the commonalities people share despite the divisions sowed by some. He shows that this bond of humanism is what is truly exceptional, forming the core of ideals that can resonate throughout the world and reshape societies for the better.

“I am not writing this to promote violence, negativity towards another’s race or for any other reason. It is a story that I have written simply to be passed down. I do not believe in the words presented in the form of an insult. This story is written to be read as a story and is just that... a story.” Proia says. As he describes, If They Knew Who He Was is a story — one about the story America will choose to write for itself.

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Christopher Lawrence Proia is a newcomer to the writing scene, he is from Newton, Massachusetts, and is a carry out worker at a local Bertucci’s restaurant. He has worked many jobs, from being the dairyman at a supermarket to being a camp counselor in the summertime. As a young kid, Christopher was a member of the John M. Barry Boys and Girls Club and became the youth of the year in 2014 after being a member of the club since he was five. He graduated from Newton North High school; then pursued a degree from the University of Hartford, but later transferred after a couple years, to attend Massbay Community College due to an incident that happened at his school. Christopher has never left the United States or has been on a commercial airline but he is eager to travel, and experience new sights, and journeys. He became interested in politics after the previous election, and he wrote his book based off a worse case scenario for the world in response to the election.

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