Special Feature: A Singer In The Making by Sheila Grace

A Singer In The Making by Sheila Grace_The BookWalker

A Singer In The Making by Sheila Grace is a unique in-depth look at mental illness from the perspective of someone living with the condition. The book provides a fresh insight into the struggles of someone with a bipolar condition. A Singer In The Making is a keenly felt story of pursuing a dream and living the life of a bipolar. It's about the ups and downs of dealing with being bipolar and schizophrenic—the daily ups and downs and sometimes funny antics of coping with my delusions and having a real dream to be a singer. Sheila recounts how the early readers responded to the book. " The few people that have read it find different things to say about it such as shocking and funny. Though many of my moods have been sad, this book is not."

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that brings severe high and low moods and changes in sleep, energy, thinking, and behavior.

The book tells an endearing tale of Sheila's daily battle with bipolar, and the litany of symptoms and stigma that comes with it. " It is about living my life as a bipolar woman and how I have had to deal with recovery, taking medications and living off of them. ...and how spirituality played a significant part in my recovery while seeking to be a professional singer. What inspired me was the need and desire to reach out to bipolar people. I want to help end the stigma and shame and the loneliness of being bipolar."

Straightforward but light, A Singer In The Making, contains the heart and dreams of the author, private triumphs, and self-discovery. Sheila's writing is eloquent, keeping her story pure and unadulterated. Someone said, If you're gonna sing, sing loud.

A Singer In The Making brings a smile to the heart, a true account of how it is to live a life with a bipolar condition, to parry the social stigma with dignity, and to pursue a lifelong dream in spite of it all.

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