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At times, Dabau Singh-Heer doubted her own artistic creations. She was unsure of whether her works would be of help to anyone, or that they were too ordinary. But her work was everything but ordinary, for with it she explores the interrelatedness of ourselves and of others, revealing a kaleidoscope of evoked and invoked thoughts and emotions all simultaneously shifting. This is what she shares by piercing the boundaries between genres and mediums to connect with her audiences on a level that is… “Heart to Heart.”

It is a collection of short stories and conversations accompanied by artwork, texts with images that together rediscover truths through the conscious attention of daily life. Singh-Heer says Gurdjieff would call, 'Work on Oneself.' With this, she challenges preconceptions. It is mind-bending but also liberating, to be unmoored from concepts that seemed indispensable yet taken for granted. Her ruminations ponder upon the origins of the thoughts in question themselves, whether they spontaneously came from within one’s own mind or germinated from another, and where the boundaries between these lie if there are any.

Is everything in a constant state of osmosis? In a perfect reflecting pool marred by ripples bouncing off of each other, can one even tell which wave came first? Now when this perspective is applied to the way we think and act, what does this say about our natures and our agency?

‘Heart to Heart’ came about after much thought and self-deliberation – something which is always ongoing,” Sign-Heer says. “The pages would not be touched for long periods with working and painting/creating in the studio. On completion, the journey continues — from the heart to heart.

Her experiences demanded that he delved into these difficult questions, for she believes that one must uncover these to live as authentically as possible. It is discovering one’s self… and finding what discovery means, and then making discovery a part of one’s self.

Singh-Heer is an artist and a writer with a Diploma of Art and Creativity Advanced from The Learning Connexion in Wellington. She has a unique style of writing that integrates artforms from various mediums and multimedia, resulting in final outputs that encompass entire spectrums of fields and genres. A tapestry, if you will. She is also a wife, mother, and grandmother, thus varying roles, the challenges and lessons each offer, and their intersections and blends are nothing new to her.

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From the Author

My life has demanded I delve into and answer life's difficult questions to uncover and live authentically from true self. Being a wife, mother, grandmother, artist, and writer, I enjoy the varying roles, their challenges, and lessons.