Special Feature: The Boy Who Would be Queen by Zackary Marius J. Juanillo

Special Feature: The Boy Who Would be Queen by Zackary Marius J. Juanillo_The BookWalker

What happens when one is raised with a predetermined set of rules, a pre-assigned destiny that is set to supersede any individual desires? Can one's true identity survive when it is forced to conform to someone else's whims?

The story of The Boy Who Would be Queen starts even before the protagonist, Robyn Rose, was born. It begins as his father, Alfredo Montgomery, comes into a situation where his back is against the wall as his debts continue to rise and his restaurant business uncontrollably plummets. He is running out of options except for one. His friend, supposed ally and town kingpin, Jonas Gould has a son. It did not take long for Alfredo to see an opportunity and hatch a plan - he would promise his unborn daughter's hand in marriage to the king pin's son. This will be the match that will align him to Jonas' wealth and absolve him of his debts.

The plan is supposed to be perfect in Alfredo's mind except that fate determined that it wasn't. His wife, Krishna, turned out to be carrying a boy. Undeterred, Alfredo devised another plan, this time, it’s more elaborate and filled with deceit. Robyn was to be raised as a hyperfeminine girl.

Thus begins the confusion, chaos, and conflict that would consume the lives of both families especially Robyn's. Caught in a promise he did not make and forced to live in an identity he did not choose, Robyn lives in limbo within a limbo.

The story takes a lot of twists and turns from beginning to end. It is a mixture of drama, satire, and social commentary all told in one interesting story. More than that, it examines what it means to be different in a world full of preconceived notions on how one should be and how one should act. The plot may seem outrageous when compared to one’s ordinary life, but still, it is a story that needs telling. There are a lot of elements in this story that can speak to the LGBTQ+ community and frankly, any group whose voices are often drowned. This book will make you laugh, cry, and most importantly, think.

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After losing his soulmate and best friend Demetrio Salipsip V last March 20, 2014 due to a terminal illness, author Zackary J. Juanillo finally releases his novel that was inspired by his best friend's great belief that love can never be contained by race, religion, status and gender. The author raises the bar on how far a maligned soul can take the adversities that was bestowed upon him even before his very birth. Zackary hopes that you will be able to fight your own demons and adversities thru the eyes of the books main protagonist, Robyn Rose.

Zackary Marius J. Juanillo, born on March 5, 1978, is the third child of Manuel and Tessie Juanillo. Being a child of the 80s, Zacky, as he is fondly called, was always a free-spirited kid who loved the uniqueness of people. He served as an altar boy for four years; thus faith and religion has dramatically molded his character. Zackary graduated with a degree in BS biology and has generally worked in the customer service industry. One of Zacky’s significant milestones was when he got the chance to work for an international airline that opened the doors for him to travel and see different parts of the world. Zacky has always been passionate about writing, from poetry to short stories; now he has finally been given the chance to share his passion to the world with this novel that he wrote way back when he was twenty-two years old.