Book Discovery: The Odd Twins by Randy Caparco

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Many of us live by the principle, "To see is to believe." It is very comforting to only abide in things that we consider as facts. In everything, we look for proof as if reassuring ourselves that the world around us still makes sense.

However, how much of the truth can you see? And, how many times have your own eyes deceived you?

The story of "The Odd Twins" begins when an expecting mother, Maria, endures hours of labor and unexpectedly gives birth to twins. Giving birth to two babies instead of one is not the only odd thing to happen to Maria. Her twins aren't normal. The birth of the twins brings about a shift in her life so palpable that even the animals around their farm have sensed it.

As you read further in the book, you get to know the characters as if you are in the story interacting with them. Oftentimes, it will feel as if you are one of the characters yourself. This is how the story is being told―through the many characters and their individual trajectories.

This story takes the reader to different places. You will find an unusual pregnancy, an unexpected childbirth, police work, suspense, boxing, love, and death. The story is delivered through perfectly timed pacing― it leaves the reader continuously wondering what's next. The book is successful in bringing the different perspectives of the characters while they are experiencing all of the many thrilling and peculiar events of their lives. Being privy to these perspectives help the reader understand the characters almost intimately―to see what they see, to feel what they feel, and to experience all the oddities that they are going through.

The story brings you on a journey that each reader decides to take when reading The Odd Twins. The story itself is, you guessed it, odd. It is a story that will have you thinking. The book prompts the reader to open their mind and dive into a story that challenges their very concept of the ordinary.

Reviews & What Readers Say

“A an easy and suspenseful read. Set in 1940's Italy nearing the end of WWII , it gives a look into family life in a difficult time. Filled with interesting characters, plot twists and excellent use of symbolism and imagery, it is sure to keep you entertained. A good read for anyone interested in this time period."

―Lone Wolf, Amazon Client Verified Purchase

“There is a psychological quality to The Odd Twins that is quite unique. Author Randy Caparco takes us inside the mind of his characters and directly into the world of his narrative, jumping right into the driving points of conflict.Caparco sets the stage for us, and then takes us through the story vividly and point by point, establishing an atmosphere that keeps us unsettled throughout most of the narrative, up until the end – where there is the promise of more.The dialogue and intensity of the story keeps us moving on, traveling page to page. The effect is of the author breathlessly telling us this story, racing to get every detail shared – and the details appear in just the right amount, creating some lingering images at key moments. The writing stands boldly on the page, and Caparco never fails to us into the thinking of the people who populate his pages.What struck me as quite unique about this book is the way each chapter stands as its own story. I remember reading that Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote this way – one scene at a time. Or, as Anne Lamott would say, one bird at a time.The reading is brisk and once you get into the pages, they turn quickly. Recommended for readers who enjoy a story with elements of suspense, startling description, and a fast pace."

JD, Amazon Client Verified Purchase

“This book grabs your attention and is easy to read , yet hard to put down. Suspenseful, intriguing and a bit mysterious. When the book ends you just want to read some more..."

Maria C, Amazon Client Verified Purchase

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Randy Caparco, author, holds a master's degree from CW Post College. He has been a law enforcement officer for a period of not less than thirty years. Today he is retired from his last law enforcement position with the state of New York. He is an enrolled agent authorized to practice before the IRS and has an accounting firm located in Suffolk County, New York.

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