Book Watch: Second Chances by Robert Stirling

Book Watch: Second Chances by Robert Stirling_The BookWalker

Everybody deserves a second chance. No matter how bleak the past or present seem to be, a second chance always looms on the horizon. But, the thing with second chances is that one must be willing to take it. What does it take for two people who have been wounded in the past to take the second chances in front of them?

Second Chances is a story of Rebecca, a woman dealing with the trauma of her past. The hurt that she has previously encountered has hindered her from opening up to other men and the world around her.

Rebecca's life took an unexpected turn upon a chance encounter with David, an old college friend. David, a widower, is also hindered by his grief.

Second Chances is a story of two people at a time of their lives where they must decide whether to remain in the past or to take this new chance that life is placing in front of them. It beautifully explores the obstacles that both have to overcome. It takes you on a journey where in the end, you find out if faith and fate are enough to overcome the traumas of their painful pasts.

The book uses the character's interactions and actions to allow the readers to become privy to their emotions. As the story develops, the readers get to know Rebecca, David, and the other characters in the book. The story is set in motion by their individual growths.

The villages of Nova Scotia is a beautiful setting for this story about two people who have been wounded by their pasts and are now thrown together to attempt to find love.

"It often seemed like the words flowed off my keyboard onto the page, and I could see the characters and the scenes just like I was watching a movie unfold in front of me." The author describes his writing process. All throughout the book, the characters, the dialogues, the imagery, are used as tools to effectively share that "movie."

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Robert Stirling has spent most of his life in Nova Scotia. He attended the Nova Scotia College of Art in Halifax, and has published poems in the Bristol Banner Anthologies as well as anthologies by the American Institute of Poetry in Maryland. This is his second published novel.

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