Book Watch: The Ultimate Game: An International Conspiracy by Vivek Bendre

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A Nepalese professor is enjoying a quiet life as an academic at the Himalayan Institute of Arts & Science at Dharamsala when, once again, he is thrown into a dangerous world of intrigue and espionage. So begins Vivek Bendre’s novel, which takes readers on a thrilling ride full of twists and turns, which reveals The Ultimate Game: An International Conspiracy.

Rajesh Trehan is visited by an old acquaintance whose disclosures reignite Rajesh’ passions. The path he takes pits him against a powerful organization with its tentacles spread out all over the world, influencing those in influential positions. Rajesh’ life is at risk, yet he must take desperate gambles to find out the truth. At the same time, another discovery awaits him: the love of his life. Or so it seems.

Will The Ultimate Game reveal answers or more questions? What will Rajesh find out about himself? Treachery awaits at every corner. This intriguing and heart-pounding journey will take Rajesh across the world, from Myanmar, India, and Dubai, to Switzerland, the Caymans, and the United States.

Bendre offers a narrative in the vein of Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon novels, Fleming’s iconic James Bond and even Indiana Jones. At the same time, our intrepid protagonistic professor hails from Asia, giving long overdue representation to these groups and their perspectives, as well as highlighting parts of the world that are less traveled.

Bendre is a longtime fan of the spy genre, and now the aficionado has become an author, making a spy thriller of his own. He has traveled around the world, having worked in India before moving to London and now the United States, where he works as a finance executive.

His experience in these various locales and his perspectives add authenticity to his narrative. The Asian locations are presented as the protagonist’s home turf and are written by someone who has lived there and is more than familiar with the places. Whereas the Western locales are the ones the protagonist visits and explores. Like any good globe-trotting spy story, the narrative is part travel catalog, part action, and adventure montage, with healthy servings of mystery and suspense.

The Ultimate Game is also cerebral, as befitting its title. Rajesh, the protagonist, is initially presented to the readers as a professor and resolves the deadly situations with his wits, not just through brute strength or careless gunplay. Of course, he has more than a few tricks up his sleeve.

Plenty of surprises await the reader in The Ultimate Game. They shall see how Rajesh plays it, as stakes rise higher and higher, and as he struggles to make it to the end. For if the game ends up playing him instead, then it’s all over.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" Could not put this thriller down. Page one through Page last went down in one sitting!! Thanks you Vivekji for such an awesome book.. cant wait for you to publish more books! You are now one of my best authors!! "

Nisha D, Amazon Client Verified Purchase

" The story is enthralling and gripping...This is a great read! I recommend this book to everyone who like a good thriller!The story moves fast and across countries and continents... Writer's grip and knowledge of the spy world is amazing. "

Kush, Amazon Client Verified Purchase

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Vivek Bendre received his Masters Degree in Economics from Nagpur University in India. After working as professor of Economics for four years he joined one of the nationalized bank in India. His last posting with the bank was in London, U.K. He moved to U.S.A. in the year 1981 and since has been working as a finance executive. Born and raised in India, Vivek is an avid reader and fan of spy novels. Though he had written Short stories for Marathi language magazines published in U.S.A., he was keen to pen a spy novel of his own. His free time is spent watching sports, playing with his grandchildren and lending his expertise as a consultant to small business as a volunteer for SCORE. Vivek currently resides in Clifton, New Jersey with his wife Madhuri .

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