Book-In-Focus: Day Nineteen by Paul Alongi

Book-In-Focus: Day Nineteen Paul Alongi _The BookWalker

Serendipity can be quirky and peculiar. For a while, coincidences may seem random to most, but they hold special meaning for those who can connect the events to crucial life moments. Day Nineteen is one such moment as Paul Alongi, drew from the titular moment to pen an engaging thriller. Day Nineteen follows two siblings living vastly different lives ―one, a naval intelligence officer, and the other a man of God, that nonetheless the two lives become intertwined amidst conspiracy, tragedy and mortal danger.

While the older sibling dedicates his life and soul to God, the younger brother, Chad, struggles with obstacles and reversals, living a casanova lifestyle as he does so. Brotherly love connects them despite their differences, embodied by their shared birthdays―February 19, despite being born four years apart.

Chad becomes a naval intelligence officer who is immersed in secrecy and conspiracies. Targeted by enemies aiming to wreak havoc on America’s society and way of life, he must always look over his shoulder, because the smallest slip can have dire consequences.

Now he waits for execution in nineteen days for the murder of his fiancée and her father. Will the brothers’ faith be enough to ward off the gas chamber and reinstate Chad? Or will he meet his maker? Readers will see, as the narrative takes them on a ride that’s full of twists and turns rife with suspense.

At the same time, Day Nineteen stays true to its themes of brotherly love and meaningful serendipity. Alongi wanted to share the experiences he had with his brother, and show how the nineteenth day of the month was significant in his life. For example, the oracular date was when five out of six of his grandchildren were born. Even the hardships Alongi and his loved ones faced were no exception. Yet rather than pen an autobiography, he opted for a thriller that thematically embodies the meaning within in Day Nineteen; a narrative that would leave the audience on the edge of their seats while offering a broader deeper message.

“That date revolves throughout the book and highlights different meaningful events. I intended to have significant happenings on that date. In my personal life that date means a lot.” Alongi explains. He is experienced in Criminal Law and music, having played the saxophone for 70 years, and engaged in state and federal politics during the 1970s and 80s. He also heavily associated with the Catholic Church. These eclectic elements are woven together to form the foundations of his novel: jazz, politics, faith, and family.

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Paul Alongi Sr. practiced law for twenty-five years and was a criminal defense attorney in many trials. He then worked in the surety insurance industry as a claims manager and principal investigator for fraud conspiracy cases. Alongi is an executive vice president and claims manager who has also played the saxophone on a professional level for the last sixty-five years.

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