Book Talk: A Life Worth Remembering by Beth Banning

Book Talk: A Life Worth Remembering by Beth Banning_The BookWalker

Seeing America’s first-ever female presidential and vice presidential candidates inspired Beth Banning to reflect upon these remarkable developments and the long road that led up to them. Now, she invites readers to join her in revisiting the suffragettes’ hard-earned victories that helped pave the way for those moments. In doing this, Banning shows us the daunting challenges they faced and how these parallel today’s developments. She does this by recollecting her aunt’s life and struggles, offering a partly fictionalized account of A Life Worth Remembering.

Recalling moments at a small town in Colorado with streets, stores, and museums named after some rugged founder, a prospector who made his mark, Banning couldn’t help but imagine how many cities would be named after the women who likewise braved the frontier and prevailed over challenges just as arduous.

“My mind began to swirl with the legends about women who lived and died to give women the vote. I couldn’t help but think of my Aunt Billie who lived during that time. She was an independent and forthright woman who fought to right the wrongs against women in her lifetime,” Banning says. And with that inspiration, she wrote A Life Worth Remembering.

The historically fictional narrative is based on the life of Mary Savilla Cook during the Women’s Suffrage movement in Texas. She saw through its inception and played a pivotal role in securing the vote for women in Texas. This was at the turn of the century, where the notion of women partaking in democracy was met with skepticism and opposition, even hostility. It shows how something that we take for granted today had to be fought for back then.

While the heroine offers insights into the sacrifices made for suffrage, the narrative also portrays a love story in the midst of two World Wars. Banning shows how Mary met Stanley and how their long and tragic love story haunts her for the rest of her life, as their focus on careers inhibited a union; but ignited in passion and romance as they both fight for love and justice.

“The Texas Women's Suffrage movement was unique to any other movement in the country,” Banning says. Mary was driven by a desire to help the victims of alcoholism and gave her life to help the abused women and children in Texas. “A Life Worth Remembering is perfectly timed during this political climate having seen a female vice-presidential candidate in this century as well as the first female presidential candidate.”

Banning’s story spans the lifetime of Mary Savilla Cook and spans from Austin, Texas to Palestine.For more information on the novel, the author, and her works, visit her website at

Reviews & What Readers Say

“Reading "A Life Worth Remembering" was simply wonderful! I could not put it down. I personally knew Beth's late great Aunt "Billie", as she was affectionately called. She would have been so proud of the accomplished writing of her niece. Beth's studied weaving of the landscape of history with the dynamic life's story of this beloved character made for a delightful and interesting read. Tugging at heart-strings through tears and laughs made me thankful to have known such a lady. Additionally, there are many real reasons why Texas is the greatest State in the Union! Author Beth Banning just illuminated an important one in her most recent published work, "A Life Worth Remembering”


“I loved reading this book-it is rich with history and also a very sweet story. I couldn't put it down. Matter of fact, I got so wrapped up in the story that I ended up doing additional research on the family and the historical events. You will love this book!”

Linda J. Marrs, Amazon Client Verfied Purchase

"I so enjoyed reading this book. Not only is it interesting with history but follows one woman's love story with a very shocking ending. It should be made into movie!"

— Amazon Client Verfied Purchase

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Beth Banning is a writer who has written numerous works for over thirty years. She graduated from Arlington Baptist College with a degree in Biblical Studies in 1977 and worked for Interstate Batteries for over 27 years where she played an important role in scripting corporate communications. In 2014, Beth received her Masters of Arts in Leadership and Management which she plans to utilize in her business endeavors.

Beth has traveled the world working with outreaches to the underprivileged. She lives in Carrollton, Texas near her daughter and grandchildren who are the light of her life; and is very active in her church, Northside Baptist. She has served there as Ladies Ministry Leader for over 20 years.

In 1985 Beth lost a child, an experience that produced a manuscript detailing her journey,When Mommies Cry.” Joyce Landorf Heatherly gave a foreword stating, “Not too many of us who have gone through the loss of a loved one can articulate and record the devastation and at the same time reach and comfort the point of pain in another’s grief-filled heart…she did it for me...”

Beth has since published the award-winning "A Life Worth Remembering" which is a historical account of her aunt's life during the women's suffrage movement in Texas. Her third book “When the Glass Slipper Breaks” was launched in March 2018. Beth has successfully produced Bible Studies including “Beauty For Ashes” and “Developing a Servant’s Heart” which she has taught and distributed throughout the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex.

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