Book Talk: The Perfect Series by Rosanna Brand

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Everyone has a secret and a past. Those are a given for anyone as they move through this world. But, some secrets and pasts are darker than others. How will these affect them? Will their past stand to justify what they do in the future?

Rosanna Brand's The Perfect series examines how what is hidden beneath the surface affects how a person interacts with the world around them. What compels them to do what they do? As in the case of serial killers, what triggers them?

The heroines and antagonists in these two novels have well-developed backgrounds that give the readers some insight into the actions that move the plot of these stories. They provide readers with a glimpse into the character's, protagonists and antagonists alike, thought processes. It helps the readers gain an understanding of the characters as they get to know them in the stories. If the reader would feel, as the story progresses, that their actions are justified or not, it is left for them to decide. The insight into the background of each character almost competes with how interesting the plots are but in a good way.

Another interesting facet of The Perfect Tenant in Nob Hill and The Perfect Socialite are the nods to true crime cases such as the Wedding Band Killer, the Zodiac killer, and the Night Stalker. Fans of true crime will have these little nuggets of surprises throughout the story as the author is a fan of true crime herself, The author shares, “The back stories of serial killers have always intrigued me from Ted Bundy, the Zodiac, to the Night Stalker.”

Aside from true crime, many characters are based on real people that the author has met. Many interesting circumstances in the book, minus the murders, of course, are lifted from her real-life experiences. Sometimes reality can indeed be stranger than fiction.

Both novels are a part of a trilogy with the third installment soon to be released, so there is time to catch up on the first two releases. This third installment, too, is inspired by true crime with the same well-developed characters and a riveting plot that the readers will enjoy in the first two books.

Reviews and What Readers Say

“Very engaging story. Details of the 1970's in San Francisco are fun to relive. Rosanna is my cousin and I am proud of efforts with her second novel. Nice sequel to the first."

Erica, Amazon Client Review, Verified Purchase

"Excellent novel! I really enjoyed the story, the intriguing characters, and the period details........It kept the mystery right up until the end....I never guessed who the murderer was....I highly recommend this book!!!"

―Kathi Oleson, Amazon Client Review, Verified Purchase

“Awesome and quite riveting tale from the late sixties and early seventies in San Francisco and Marin County. I am proud of my cousin and her skillful writing style, details and interesting characters. I truly enjoyed the read. Bravo Rosanna. Looking forward to your next release."

Amazon Client Review, Verified Purchase​

“Great piece of work. Totally enjoyed it."

―Mike Robinson

"It was an interesting plot and a good ending"

―Alena Goralik, Amazon Client Review, Verified Purchase​

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Rosanna Brand, the daughter of a land surveyor and a department store model, was born in San Francisco and raised in Marin County. She worked in the male-dominated field of civil engineering for ten years, opening doors for other women in the l970s before marrying an entrepreneur. Married thirty-five years, she devoted herself to raising three successful sons. She currently resides in a small historical town in Northern Nevada nestled below the Sierra Mountains. She enjoys landscape design, wildlife photography, collecting antiques, and other outdoor activities. She is currently at work on a family thriller novel.

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