Book Talk: White Shoulders by Wayne A. Pearson

Book Talk: White Shoulders by Wayne A. Pearson_The BookWalker

The world, with its injustices and inexplicable circumstances, is a ripe inspiration, for many a tale of crime and mystery. One of the reasons many writers delve into the genre of crime is to somehow find a way to explain these injustices. There are many situations in life where one can honestly say that we have felt helpless and powerless. We had faced instances when we wished we could have done more. In the real world, this does not always pan out the way we want it. But if you are a writer, you can, in your way, do something about these injustices.

This is one of the chief reasons why Wayne A. Pearson wrote White Shoulders. A tale of crime, drama, and mystery. White Shoulders is set in Cromwell, Ohio. It showcases characters from Pearson’s previous work, Pushin’ 40. In White Shoulders, we get to spend time again with Donovan Maxwell, a writer for the Chronicle, and his wife, Lt. Rita Maxwell. In Pushin’ 40, we examine the history of their relationship. In White Shoulders, the couple is investigating a crime involving a millionaire, a murder-for-hire, and a football player. Add a pedophile on the loose and a women's’ professional wrestling federation into the mix, and you got yourself one unforgettable ride.

Wayne A. Pearson admits that he wrote White Shoulders to find a way to “take care” of injustices, most of which he saw in popular media. As a writer, he likes the idea of having the power to do whatever he wants as far as crime is concerned. As opposed to feeling helpless, this book was a way for him do something about many horrific situations that any rational person would have had a hard time handling in real life.

Like many good crime novels, Wayne A. Pearson adds an intriguing element of mystery to White Shoulders. He doesn’t’ give the readers the big reveal. While you turn the pages, there are no clues here and there about who the killer is. You will get ideas about possible resolutions, but you have to be paying close attention to catch them.

In other words, not only is White Shoulders a riveting novel with the most intriguing characters thrown in similarly interesting situations, but it is also the quintessential “whodunnit” story. A great addition to any crime fiction fan’s library, most especially other mystery writers, cops, private investigators, and anyone who would get a kick out of solving the case narrated in its pages.

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Wayne Pearson has been writing short stories since his days as a teenager. "Take a guess" was his first three-page mystery. Being a writer was always in the back of his mind, but he never took it seriously. Despite what he did for a living he was still writing. He carried a portable typewriter to the army and wrote of his adventures. In 1993, at 33, he decided to write a full-length novel. From that day on he vowed until the project was finished he would not take a day off. Wayne carefully thought out the storyline while working nights as a janitor. By day he took his thoughts and typed them in the public library (in Union City, Indiana) using their computers. After seven years of hard work PMS; based in part on things that happened to him became a reality.

Wayne Pearson is filled with stories worth sharing. He turns his average life into one story after another. You might not know it to see him, but you could be the next character forming in his mind. Where will the story take you? A politician? or professional wrestler? Maybe a killer. His plots and sub plots are as diverse as possible making his mysteries worth reading.

Check Wayne's other books; Pushin' 40 (2004 ) Illegal Sweets ( 2007 ) Burning Embers (2008)

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