Book Talk: Memorial Stones from Life’s Classroom by Carmen E. Anderson-Harris

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A beloved movie character once said, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

How true is this line? In our hearts of hearts, even if we have a clear vision of what our life would be like, there is no telling where our paths will take us. Knowing this is enough to make one lose hope. One might reason that since we never know what we are going to get, is there a point to life at all? What are we here on Earth for?

These are big questions that, in quite the most hopeful of ways, Carmen E. Anderson-Harris answers in her book, Memorial Stones from Life’s Classroom. Memorial stones may sound grim, but this book is anything but. In fact, this book is filled with hope and promise. It is a reminder of the good that can come from life, especially if we move forward guided by the Almighty.

The author, Carmen E. Anderson-Harris has almost three decades of experience in ministry. She is a motivational speaker, health care services trainer, and minister of the Gospel. In this book, she beautifully narrates the events in her life that led her to the path of ministry, the path that she didn’t know God was leading her to. At times jubilant and quite harrowing on others, this book never fails to show us that there is a higher purpose to everything that we go through. Even at her lowest, the author reminds us that in time, and with utmost trust in God the Savior, we will always be led back to our path.

Full of nuggets of wisdom and words of encouragement, you will want to read this book again and again. However, not only is Memorial Stones from Life’s Classroom a great addition to your collection of inspirational books, it is also a handy companion for anyone who dreams of becoming a missionary. With stories that enlighten, encourage, and illuminate, this book is undoubtedly a must-read if you are thinking of entering a life of discipleship.

While life is rarely predictable, let us never forget to do what’s right. And no matter what happens, let us always be open to helping others. May we continue to be open to the lessons that Carmen E. Anderson-Harris shares in this book and the wisdom that life will undoubtedly throw at us because even she admits that she is still learning and growing. We all are.

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Carmen has been involved with ministries at the Willingboro Christian Assembly and Applied Bible Concepts ministries in New Jersey for over twenty-eight years. She is a well-loved, much-sought-after minister of the Gospel, motivational speaker, workshop leader, trainer in health care services, children’s storyteller, and author of four books. Carmen writes articles for the Lilies of the Field bimonthly magazine, blogs online, and much more. She is always busy encouraging women and girls to make sure they are enjoying their lives and being the best they can be, regardless of what life throws at them. Carmen has two grown children and five grandchildren. Other Books written by Carmen are Love Always Blooms, His Guiding Hands, Growing In Christ Jesus: Enjoy the Process, Blessing Basket: Feed Your Mind, Body, and Soul. Carmen other works; Love Always Blooms, Mr. Whiskers: My Shy Spring Friend

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