Special Feature: Outfoxing the Gaming Club: A Former Worker Reveals All by Pascale Batieufaye

Special Feature: Outfoxing the Gaming Club: A Former Worker Reveals All  by Pascale Batieufaye_The BookWalker

Workplace mistreatment and even outright oppression at the hands of a large corporation. The theft of an idea and an unjust termination. A struggle to recover from these adversities and their social-psychological after-effects; anxiety to the degree that requires treatment. Also, an inspiring triumph against the odds, in which the underdog rises and takes up the cause of helping others enduring the very same plight. All these and more await readers in Pascale Batieufaye’s exposé : “Outfoxing the Gaming Club: A Former Worker Reveals All.”

In his reveal, he shows how just bad things got at his former place of employment, Knossos Inc. According to Batieufaye, despite being one of the largest gambling corporations in the United States, it nonetheless took his business expansion proposal and profited from his design while he was shown the door.

"I have centered 'Outfoxing The Gaming Club' on the emotional suffering I faced while working for my previous employer," the author says. He worked at Knossos, Inc. for eight years as a Guest Services Representative and gave it his all. Moreover, all he got for his troubles was a load of bad tormenting experiences and anxiety to top it off.

Paule got better as he found alternative treatment aside from medicine, which allowed him to recuperate. Now, in “Outfoxing the Gaming Club,” he shares his experiences and advice to help business-minded readers develop the acuteness required to avoid such pitfalls. With his book, he provides ways to maximize success and overcome letdowns, as well as navigate tricky organizational processes and behaviors possibly designed to impede average people while benefiting those in charge.

"The book outlines guiding ethics for those who have experienced maltreatment and anxiety in their own workplace," Paule explains. He gives a sobering glimpse at the machinations of large corporations and how honest employees and workers have the odds stacked against them. These form the foundations from which he derives pivotal principles and sound strategies to help people rebound from professional setbacks of the worst kind.

Paule's work, and his principles as a person are founded on helping the little guy (or gal) stand up for themselves. He studied travel and tourism, became an animal rights activist, and aspires to open a rehabilitation center for rescued animals. He's had his fair share of diverse work experiences; from the traumatizing exposure with the gambling corporation to running a video store that eventually folded due to Netflix. He's had no shortage of blue-collar jobs and currently works as a part-time school bus driver.

With these formative experiences and the respite needed to let his thoughts coalesce and put these thoughts into writing, he’s channeling his creativity, efforts, and experiences to provide others with what they need to survive in a dog eat dog world. For if big profit-driven organizations won’t care for their employees and even prey on their sweat, tears, and ideas, who else will stand by the side of these hard-working stiffs? Paule has decided that he will and he has with “Outfoxing the Gaming Club.”

Ultimately, he hopes to provide comfort and encouragement to those who are disheartened by anxiety and stress from the workplace, who feel like they're being stepped on. Paule offers succor and solidarity to help them get back on their feet and continue on―which antidepressants and other drugs can't offer.

Reviews and What Readers Say

Pascale Batieufaye dutifully submits an idea via the Employee Suggestion Program (ESP) in his revealing non-fiction book Outfoxing the Gaming Club: A Former Worker Reveals All. Knossos Resort Casino (KRC), where he works, promises prizes to employees ranging from a $25 sum to an unsinkable titanic $10,000 figure, depending on if someone’s idea was a top one, benefiting the company more than other suggestions. The tribal leaders pull from more than six thousand employee suggestions. Without following through with their ESP promises and taking full credit for the suggestion, the KRC ultimately rises to become one of the world's most successful and lucrative gaming house before the 2008 downward spiral hit in the red.

Pascale’s main purpose for participating in the ESP was a hope that the tribal leaders would help other Indian clans if his suggestions for a bigger expansion would make them billions. By following through with the specific projects and promotional ideas which he designed, this lucrative proposition would double Knossos Inc. annual gross income to around $2 billion. Learning that many of the changes that unfold at KRC Guest Services Department are his creations, Pascale reports his observations. Instead of recognition, as mentioned in the ESP, Pascale is subjected to company bullying and is forced into regimented psychotherapy sessions supplemented with antidepressants. In the meantime, Pascale’s suggestions for expansion are taken seriously, though he’s never given credit nor sees its completion take place after Pascale is let go in 2004.

While Batieufaye’s memoir covers his eight-year (1996-2004) unappreciated or unsung employment experience, the real focus of this book is meant to raise awareness about the corruption of Native American gambling. Batieufaye provides his audience with interesting information, to the degree of recognizing two main concepts: 1) that he has brilliant entrepreneurial ideas, and 2) that the casino exploited them. Outfoxing the Gaming Club is one late-blooming whistleblower's scathing account that sends a message of caution to the underhand machinations of the gambling industry.

― Pacific Book Review

Batieufaye lays out the facts of an Employer Suggestion Program implemented by a tribal-owned gaming club that prompted his zealous and continuing submission of ideas. These original ideas resulted from having taken a Travel and Tourism college course at Johnson & Wales and then applying that knowledge with experience gained working six years on the club floor as a Guest Services Representative. Those who have lived there over the past decades will immediately recognize the thinly veiled name used for the Gaming club, which the author charges with employee mistreatment.

The puzzling question is why this case, with documented evidence to prove its merit, has neither shown up in court nor in the local media. Batieufaye explains his reluctance to seek a lawyer, which is the same reason he refused to get notary validation for his submissions. He admired the tribal leaders and expected that his efforts would simply be praised. Now he charges the gaming club with appropriation without credit of his suggested marketing anonymous slogan and likewise his recommendations for a large tower to accommodate overnight guests and an upscale restaurant.

This brought a "cautious ultimatum" to see a therapist or lose employment. Finally forced to leave in 2004, he observed that his ideas were being implemented without acknowledgment by any management official. Batieufaye expects this book to sell off the shelves and vindicate him. He promises royalties will go to support animal safety. His written submissions were well-formulated and business-like. Wherever passion takes over, word choices seem adapted from current media.

― US Review of Books

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Pascale Batieufaye attended Johnson & Wales University where he studied travel and tourism. Batieufaye is an animal rights activist and aspires to open an animal rehabilitation center for rescue animals. As an independent contractor, he earned 1099 income by delivering financial statement mails to various banks across RI and MA state lines. He resides in Boston, Massachusetts.

From the Author

A portion of the proceeds of this book will be devoted to a cause that is dear to my heart: reducing the incidence of animal cruelty throughout the world.

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