Special Feature: Sin, Salvation and Kingdom of God by Rev Rashid Gill

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Matters of the soul are of utmost importance for those of faith. Thus, Reverend Rashid Gill shows the way by explaining the Word and delving into the nature of “Sin, Salvation, and Kingdom of God.”

Senior pastor, human rights activist, columnist, preacher and publisher, Rev. Dr. Gill is well-versed in the subjects of the world and of the spirit. Thus with his theological treatise, he explores the three fundamental doctrines of sin, salvation and the Kingdom of God, articles of the Christian faith he juxtaposes with those of Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Sikhism. This is to enable readers to find references at one place, so with this as a guide they can then familiarize themselves with the other major religions.

Dr.Gill aims to provoke readers' thoughts on the subject matter, for mankind continues to struggle with age-old questions on life and existence. By shedding light on said doctrines of various faiths, and comparing them to each other, Gill aims to reconcile people's issues and views with regards to Christianity and promote a deeper understanding of their spirituality. After all, despite their differences, followers of these faiths all seek to find their greater purpose, the meaning of their existences. And all have parallel paths towards virtuousness, and all these faiths at their best serve to enrich lives and better people.

Cultivating such verisimilitude is long overdue, especially considering the changing world around us. Understanding the essence of doctrines is crucial when grasping new developments in society, for without actually engaging with the deeper aspects of one's faith, how can one know which course to take? And with increasing interconnectedness and diversity, being familiar with different faiths is a must for promoting social harmony, understanding, and goodness. The faithful would be remiss if their beliefs were misused to form barriers and divide them from their fellow people. For their beliefs are meant to link them to the rest of creation, which includes their neighbors. The paths we take must enrich our souls, not harden our hearts. So we must reach for the light and embrace its warmth.

Gill does that with his work, which is a theologically sound primer for the spiritually and religiously inclined. By exploring “Sin, Salvation, and the Kingdom of God,” he works to cross over boundaries and walls, showing people that their similarities as compassionate human beings override their differences. So in this pursuit of wisdom insularity is diminished, and people's connection with the divine—through different paths - are mutually strengthened.

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Rev. Dr. Rashid Gill is a Senior Pastor in Brampton, Canada. He is a Human Rights Activist, Columnist, Preacher, and Publisher. He holds a Doctorate in Christian Theology. Dr. Gill is renowned for preaching in ecumenical settings in an amicable manner. He has seven books to his credit on subjects ranging from poetry to politics and religion. His commentary on the book of Daniel was one of the bestsellers. Dr. Gill is married along with three grown-up children and four grandchildren. Dr. Gill is a recipient of multiple awards for his literary achievements such as poet laureate. Recently, he was conferred upon Queen Elizabeth's II medal.

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