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Most people have, at one point or another, acknowledged that life can be very overwhelming. Although it makes being alive more exciting, going through life's ups and downs can also be exhausting. This is why people have developed varying ways of coping. One such mechanism for those who are seeking some kind of catharsis is writing. Putting words into paper is like unloading one's burden with every drop of the ink.

This is how Kaleidoscope of Being was birthed. Author, Jennifer G. Toth, expertly expresses her thoughts and emotions in a collection of poetry and prose. Each piece is infused with her unwavering faith, her other source of strength. Many of her works in this book are lifted from very personal journal entries that have chronicled an 8-year span of her life. She has generously shared how she has dealt with the multiple obstacles that life has presented her during this time in her life. The book explores both every day struggles to trials that are often hard to talk about such as mental illness. Throughout the book, the author shares the challenges she has faced in a heartfelt but very real manner.

"I found that by putting pain into words as well as my Faith, I was able to get a better grip on my life and navigate it more clearly," the author says. This book aims that through sharing the author's experiences, emotions, and insights, it will be able to let the readers know that they are never alone in their struggles.

Another highlight to this book is that in between the poetic lines, there are words of encouragement. This is a good read for anyone who likes to seek refuge in words that are truthful and inspirational. Although taken from the author's very personal experiences, at its core, the poetry is still something that resonates with a lot of people. The themes of pain, hope, and the strength that comes from faith are shared in this book through beautifully written words and well-executed rhythm.

With her faith and her words, she has produced another collection of poetry in the hopes that it will also bring comfort and encouragement to others. This is Jennifer Toth's second book, an excellent follow up to Dark to Light - Struggle of a Manic Depressive.

Reviews and What Readers Say

Kaleidoscope of Being by Jennifer Toth takes the reader through an intimate journey of the author’s life starting with her embrace of Jesus as one who gives her guidance, to dark times as expressed in poems such as “Dark Night of the Soul” and “I Will Overcome,” to feelings of hope that dot many of the 51 poems in this volume of work. Her previous work, From Dark to Light, is also powerful. This recent book expresses an older Toth, with more life experience under her belt. Toth uses a lot of imagery in her work, especially with references to the natural environment to express her complex thoughts and feelings. Images of nature become more pronounced as she notes the changing seasons and how it affects her in poems such as “Ode to Spring,” “On a Snowy Day,” and “Second Chance.” “Lucky” is somewhat of a whimsical poem that pays tribute to some of her artistic heroes such as Mozart, Monet, Ansel Adams, Robert Frost, and Emily Dickenson. Throughout much of this volume of work, Toth addresses God and Jesus Christ in times of hope and despair and she listens to the words of the Lord as she deals with mental illness and other challenges. “Off the Beaten Path” is certainly a turning point in the book as Toth expresses a hopeful future. Kaleidoscope of Being is a testament of Jennifer Toth’s maturity as a poet. It is haunting, hopeful, and everything in between. A must read.

― Veronica A. Lippencott, Ph.D.Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

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Jennifer Toth is an American Poet who has been writing Poetry since the age of sixteen. Jennifer studied Poetry at Rutgers University with her main influences being Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, and Robert Hunter.

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