Book Talk: How Sir Donkey Legs Became a Knight by William Ennis

Book Talk: How Sir Donkey Legs Became a Knight by William Ennis_The BookWalker

Ever observe a fascinating family member and think, “Wow you would be such an interesting character for a book!” Perhaps it’s a great grandaunt who has traveled all corners of the world. Or maybe a cousin twice removed who claims to control the weather and with a success rate that you cannot deny. For William Ennis (not his real name), it’s his son. Now six, the inspiration behind Sir Donkey Legs has exuded a quirky personality since he was much, much younger.

Bearing a pair of legs that are not only strong but also quite obstinately kick-happy, Ennis nicknamed his son Donkey Legs. These legs and the headstrong little boy that controls them have caused many delightful adventures in the Ennis household and in the park where the family frequents. Add a couple of adorable and intelligent sisters to the mix, and it made perfect sense for William Ennis to write down said delightful adventures.

The author relates the very moment this idea took root: “After one particularly drawn-out bout of trying to dress my son for the park, I stood, successful, and wiped sweat from my brow. “Alright, Donkey Legs,” I panted, “Let’s go see if you have any energy left to run off.” My daughter, who was waiting patiently by the front door for her quirky brother to quit being quirky, remarked, “You should write a book about Donkey Legs.”

The first of the series of books featuring Sir Donkey Legs is How Sir Donkey Legs Became a Knight. It introduces us to an unremarkable boy named Hayden. He belongs to quite a remarkable family, with two sisters who are unlike any other. The girls are intelligent and sweet. One is a fairy, and the other is a mermaid who lives in a fishbowl pulled around in a wagon by a dog. The boy, despite being undeniably adorable and having a more than average dislike of pants, is as ordinary as can be. But in this story of delight and humor, we follow his adventures and the events that led to him becoming a knight.

We cannot wait to read more about the endearing and hilarious adventures of Sir Donkey Legs, his sisters, and the rest of their family. According to Ennis, the second book will be a poem and will be told from the point of view of the sisters. The third will focus again on Sir Donkey Legs and his quirks. For sure, just like the first book, they will become favorite companions for quirky kids all over, kids who demand nothing less than entertaining bedtime stories.

Reviews and What Readers Say

This is a great book. This is the author's first book and he did a great job. I believe he is going to continue with children books and it'll be a success.

― Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

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William Ennis is not my name. I write under this name to pay homage to my Grandpa, a WWII veteran and author who never published his work. The name also honors my wife's Grandpa who, I've gathered from anecdotes and reminisces, was something. I am the proud father of three amazing children, the husband of a wonderful wife, the companion of two iffy dogs and the aspiring grower of nourishing vegetables and hot peppers. The veggies are often as recalcitrant as my children are wont to be, growing or not on their whims despite my wishes and influences. When I write, I try to entertain young minds, introduce new words and present stories that won't bore parents entirely to death. I hope you will examine my work to see if I have been successful.

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