Special Feature: The Calling: Based on True Events in the Extraordinary Life of an Extraordinary Ind

Book Discovery: The Calling: Based on True Events in the Extraordinary Life of an Extraordinary Indiana Pastor by Chuck Mcfall_The BookWalker

How do you tell the life story of someone who was larger than life? How do you honor the memory of a person who has touched so many lives all in one lifetime?

Chuck McFall shares some of the many stories that comprised the extraordinary life of a remarkable man — Merrill McFall, an Indiana pastor who died in 1975, his father. This life story is told through a series of stories about the people who Pastor McFall has ministered to. The Pastor has touched the lives of many including those in his ministry and several people of note.

It has been said that you can tell if someone is a leader when you see followers. Merrill McFall has to lead many seeking souls to God's healing grace. He has inspired and has been inspired by individuals like John F. Kennedy, John Dillinger, Louie Zamperini, Ross Lockridge Jr., Methodist bishop Richard Raines, psychologist B. F. Skinner, sexologist Alfred Kinsey, Herman Wells ), and the Honorable Lee Hamilton, among others. There really is no limit to where God's anointing can reach.

The Calling also provides the readers with an insight into the life of a man who has answered God's call and lived true to his unique purpose. Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to find their "Why" in their lifetime. In fact, Pastor Merrill McFall once resisted his own calling. The very calling that changed his life and that of many others. This is one of the many interesting facets of this book. Aside from sharing his impact on others, it also allows the reader a glimpse into the pastor’s personal life and shares the challenges and lessons that he learned along the way of pursuing the unique design of God’s will for him.

The legacy of Pastor Merrill McFall continues through the lives of the people that he has ministered to. It is also upheld through each chapter of this book. The Calling is a book that needed to be written because there is so much that can be learned from it. The book contains so many insights that believers and those who are seeking spiritual guidance or refuge can take into their own lives.

The book shows the many victories that are achieved when one dares to fulfill the destiny that God has designed specifically for them. This victory is not only personal. It extends to each and every person the Pastor has touched.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" Clearly led by God, Rev. Mac helped many people recover from afflictions such as guilt, addiction, depression, and anger. By skillfully asking these people questions, they were able to discover God's direction and renewed productive lives of giving. Inspiring and well written."

Amazon Client

“This book had a profound impact on me. There were tines when the tears would not stop flowing and other times when I was smiling. Chuck is a great story teller and many of the stories touched me deeply. It gave me insights for improving my own life and allowed me to view some of Dr. McFall's interpretations in a different light. I loved how he made his sermons relative to everyday life. Thanks for sharing these special stories!”

―A. Martin, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

"Growing up in Bloomington, Indiana in the 1950s and attending the First Methodist Church, I came to know Rev. Merrill McFall as an empathetic, extremely eloquent, and dedicated pastor, possessed of wise counsel, good humor, and large gifts as a story-teller, especially parables as equipment for living. But until I read Chuck McFall’s The Calling, I knew nothing of his triumphant 6th-grade fistfight with John Dillinger, who was harassing his younger sister; of his pilot’s license and a close call when he underestimated Indiana’s penchant for unpredictable bad weather; of his pioneering efforts, aided by IU President Herman B Wells, to end racial segregation in his own church, the local swimming pool and restaurants, and in Indiana University sports; of his love of sailing, fishing, and toy trains; and of his presidency of the American Council on Alcohol Problems. The notable people whom he came to know during his ministry included, among many others, Alfred Kinsey, Lee Hamilton, B. F. Skinner, Ross Lockridge, Jr., Joseph Muhler, Don Lash, and Dave Brubeck.Chuck McFall employs an original and surprisingly non-morbid structure for his memoir. Chapters are initiated by various people approaching his father’s bier in a visitation room who reflect on how the pastor has strongly influenced them for the better. The pastor was, in turn, influenced for the better by the people he came to know. The memoir is not based on recorded interviews. Rather, as he explains in his introduction, McFall gives each mourner plausible words and ruminations that bring out significant aspects of both the pastor and the mourner. Near the end Chuck McFall quotes Mae West: “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” For this, Rev. Merrill McFall has given us splendid evidence." ―Laurence S. Lockridge, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

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Chuck McFall grew up in the church, the son of a Methodist minister (yes, he was a "P.K"). He also served as a Lay Pastor of two rural churches while earning his MBA at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business.

Mr. McFall began his love of writing early. During his high-school years, while taking a creative writing class, his teacher encouraged his writing by selecting three of his short stories for inclusion in the "Best Writing of 1959" anthology printed each year by his 3,500-student high school. He also worked as a reporter writing stories for his high school weekly newspaper, then was selected to be sports editor of that same periodical, writing his own by-lined column each week on current sports topics.

After completing his education, he fulfilled his military obligation as a Lieutenant in the Army, then began his business career. In that capacity he spent several years as a marketing executive with General Mills, Inc., managing Betty Crocker products. He has also been an entrepreneur—owning two different manufacturing/marketing companies—before eventually becoming President and CEO of his own marketing consulting firm, Chuck McFall & Company.

While managing his consulting firm, he also served as adjunct professor of marketing in the MBA program at the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis, Minnesota. And authored a by-lined column on brand marketing and product management, published in the Bank Administration Institute’s monthly newsletter, titled "Products, Markets, and Technology". This newsletter had a monthly circulation of over 3000 financial institutions and readership of over 25,000 individual bankers.

Through his consulting practice, he has consulted with over 50 client companies in the US, Europe, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and Australia, and delivered seminars and workshops to over 8,000 marketing executives all over the world. In recognition of his career accomplishments, he is listed in the Worldwide Edition of "Who’s Who for CEO’s, Professionals and Entrepreneurs."

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