Book-In-Focus: Descending Mount Sinai: Navigating in a Post-Christian World by Ken Kinton

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We live in a fallen world. The current political and social climate that society is facing today is proof of that. How can believers navigate this confusing world and overcome its obstacles? How does one live a life of faith amidst all the chaos?

The inspiration from Descending Mount Sinai comes from the standpoint of a believer who is immersed in the world but is fighting not to be lost in it. Fighting is an important word because it is a decision that needs to be made on a daily basis. The book espouses biblical ideas and the word of God as the answer to the current issues modern believers and the world at large is facing today. According to its author, Ken Kinton, "...the social and political struggles we face today are not much different from the struggles people faced in biblical times". It points its readers to the biblical truth that the word of God is alive and ever dynamic that believers can still find refuge in it. "I wanted to compare and contrast the problems faced in biblical societies with the problems we are confronting now," he adds. We may have the technology, social media, and other new tools that are shaping the world today but at its core, the human condition is still the same. We are again faced with the same cancers of greed, fear, and hate. But, we also have the same God who empowers us to overcome.

This book is a guide for believers to live and thrive in this challenging world, no matter how seemingly insurmountable its forces are. It calls to the faithful to look to God's promises in the Bible instead of the fear, the greed, and the hatred that had plagued the world. It encourages believers to be draw strength from the word so that they can be a light in their own lives and into the light of others. Every believer is gifted with the opportunity to be a blessing.

While it is true that we cannot fully control our political and societal environment, we can choose to go against the grain and live the life of blessing that God has intended. As it is written in 1 John 4:4, "...because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world".

Reviews and What Readers Say

"Looks at contemporary social and political issues from the unique perspective of a biblical worldview.”

—Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

"Of all the "spiritual books", this one is the most eloquent .”

—Krystle Manis, The BookWalker, Independent Review

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Dr. Ken Kinton is the author of Christian non-fiction books. His writing is focused on various areas within the field of ministry. Ken has written books on preaching, pastoral ministry, and discipleship. In his writing, he compares and contrasts the social and political aspects of biblical cultures to our world today. He has a Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry, a Master of Divinity, and a Doctor of Ministry specializing in expository and evangelistic preaching.

Unlike other theologians, Ken believes that politics and its impact on society can profoundly shape not only our world but the world experienced throughout the Old and New Testament. The message of the early prophets, and during Jesus' public ministry offer many insights into solutions and outcomes for Christians in today's world. In his books, he tries to look at real-world problems through a biblical lens.

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