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A joyful tale of adventure with man’s best friend awaits in Edward Biron’s latest. In this heartwarming story based on real events, readers will find themselves charmed and delighted by the exploits of the one… the only… “Sophie,” the most adorable bichon dog imaginable, who brings happiness to her friends in the retirement home.

Sophie is an eight-year-old female bichon, a lovable little fluff ball with a charming personality. She can win anyone over with her prim and proper looks and her extreme intelligence, as she responds to people almost as if she was human herself. And with this winning set of traits, Sophie becomes the talk of the town, or several communities rather: the apartment complex she resides in and the retirement home she graces. Everyone who meets Sophie comes to love her and she, in return, loves them unconditionally.

With “Sophie” Biron shows us how such a little snow white dog can bring cheer and joy to people from all walks of life. Yes, pets tend to have that effect, but Sophie shows this phenomenon play out on an individual level - between the eponymous character, her owner, their neighbors and the folks at the nursing home whose lives she brightens. Biron’s bond with her is so strong that he was moved to pen Sophie’s chronicle, to show the world what Sophie’s done for so many, and just how significant she has been in all their lives.

“Sophie's incredible intelligence, glamorous good looks, and charming personality completely captivated me and inspired me to write this book. It is my goal to share with people everywhere the delightful and profound experience of sharing my life with Sophie.” Biron says.

The story starts with Sophie’s fateful meeting with her owner, Polly, a woman recovering from a bad marriage. The narrative shows how Sophie changed Polly's life, and how Sophie's spark caught on with others. Biron covers her habits and quirks, and all sorts of details about her life. It's practically her biography, told from her perspective and laced with good-natured humor. Biron also includes information on Sophie's breed, the Bichon Frise.

In all, “Sophie” shows how friendship can change lives for the better, even when that bond is between dogs and people. It also shows readers the realities of isolated individuals, be it recent divorcees or those in the retirement community, and how emerging relationships can be literal lifesavers because companionship is truly priceless. Dog-lovers, fans of “pupper” and “doggo” internet memes, and children of all ages, all will find “Sophie” the book to be an enjoyable read and Sophie the bichon to be one unforgettable pooch.

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Skip Biron is an 88-year-old, retired AT&T engineer who has self-published two books. Born during the Great Depression, raised in New England, US Navy Veteran of Korean War. He is a self-made man who is never hampered by any thought of "It can't be fixed" or "It can't be done." Skip is living his "golden" years in a retirement community in Southern NH where he is known as the "go-to-guy."

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