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Much of our lives are chronicled through our digital footprints. Our happy memories, our frustrations, the anxieties that plague us, these are all reflected in what we put online. Even the more practical side of life―our finances, our medical records, our careers, these things are accessible and live online too.

Although humans are still struggling to find the balance between what should be off-grid and what to put on the digital space, much of life is now lived behind the screens with no signs of slowing down. This is why when the security of the technology that we trust is challenged, it causes so much fear and chaos.

Fast forward to the future, 2132 where the lines between the online and offline have been blurred even further. The world financial system, its rise or fall, depends on how secure it is guarded digitally. Will those task to safeguard its security be able to protect it? As issues present themselves, will they be able to find solutions in time?

Cyber Secure takes us to the back end of the technologies that keep the world running smoothly. It gives us a glimpse into the world of IT security, an often overlooked world but surprisingly action-packed.

Read as the main characters face each security issue as they present themselves and marvel at their valiant efforts to solve them using the tools that they have.

The charms of this book lie in how it has opened the door for its readers to share a story about everyday heroes that are not often written about. What will keep the readers turning each page even if the plot is set in 2132, the story at its core still resonates with the realities of the present day.

Cyber Secure is the first installment of a trilogy based on the IT industry. The author has pulled from his own experiences working in IT, so the references throughout the book indeed read like it is written by someone who has extensive knowledge on the subject. Anyone who enjoys learning or hypothesizing about technology will enjoy this book. One can also say that the book is a commentary to how much we now depend on the gadgets that we have voluntarily glued to our hands. Or, the story can be enjoyed as is, a tale of someone who uses his abilities to heroically save the world.

Reviews and What Readers Say

I loved the book and can't wait for the next one to come out. It is set in the future, it goes into the on going problem of keeping our personal information safe. I like that I understand the way the author thinks very cool. Enjoy!

― Sharon, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

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E Jason Williams books are the byproduct of the author's imagination and his thirty years of professional experience in the IT industry. Although classified as fiction, the books contain ideas and chilling parallelisms to today's present cyber realities and eventually, with high probability, will hold true in the near future. Two books have been published; Cyber Secure and Cyber Kill. The Cyber series reflects the author's 30 years of professional career in the IT World, working with every type of IT responsibilities often by being the person at the core of the system requiring a problem to be resolved at the shortest time. Cyber Secure, the first of the trilogy, was first conceived twelve years ago while actively engaged in a highly demanding IT position that required a minimum of nine hours a day, and even extending to sixteen hours with the possibility of weekends being on-site and on-call after a five-day work week. The book was planned as a single book but simply was too long for a first production effort and broken into a three part trilogy. The author's health issues have made it possible to work solely in creating books, and as of now six have been written, one in the process and another planned with the concept having been set.

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