Book-in-Focus: Let There Be Light by Imero Fiorentino

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The Picasso of the spots and the strobes. An award-winning lighting designer. A mentor and a pioneer.

This is the memoir of Imero Fiorentino.

Let There Be Light: An Illuminating Life chronicles the life and career of Imero Fiorentino, an award-winning lighting designer whose work can be seen on the most iconic moments in television history. In this book, the readers will discover what it is like to be the best of the best, to have the pure gift of creativity and at the same time, have the work ethic to put in the long hours that show business demands. Let There Be Light opens up the often unseen world of entertainment that if without it, every show we see will lose its magic.

In his 60 year career, he has lit every U.S. President from Eisenhower to Clinton. He has worked his magic for the most iconic stars such as Frank Sinatra, Neil Diamond, and Barbara Streisand. His work can be seen in successful shows such as Omnibus, U.S. Steel Hour, Pulitzer Prize Playhouse and Kraft Television Theatre.

He has begun his career in the Golden Era of Television and was seen as an essential part of it. In this book, he writes about his work and the many events that became its highlight. The readers will be delighted with many anecdotes about his obstacles, including becoming blind in one eye! He also shares his many triumphs that will inspire and uplift. He talks about the remarkable people that he has worked with. All these stories are told as if he is speaking directly to those who are reading. They are informative, entertaining, and intriguing all at the same time.

This Brooklyn born artist who has had an early fascination with lighting, theatre, and set design has inspired many throughout his career and his life. In this book, Imero Fiorentino once again serves as an inspiration to those who aspire to have a successful and fulfilling career in entertainment and in any creative field.

Let There Be Light: An Illuminating Life by Imero Fiorentino

ISBN 978-1543423853

172 Pages

Reviewed by Krystle Manis

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Imero Fiorentino (1928-2013) left behind this intriguing Memoir. He was an acknowledged master of the art of lighting. Newsweek magazine described him as "the Picasso of the spots and strobes." His career began in the very early days of television at ABC-TV, New York; he was one of the early TV pioneers.

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