Book Discovery: Phantasy of the Gods by Eliphas

Book Discovery: Phantasy of the Gods by Eliphas

Götterdämmerung. The Wagnerian twilight of the gods, when Ragnarok reaches its culmination. Such is what awaits readers in the pages of Eliphas’ “Phantasy of the Gods,” a cosmic clash of immense beings sparked by a power-drunk archangel who craves for ultimate power. What results is an epic and breathtaking struggle for survival as supernatural entities and mortals alike vie against the whims of capricious and thirsting deities.

Vincelas, the alpha archangel, has amassed a vast army of higher beings—angels and elementals who are bent on exterminating those they deem to be lesser. As they scheme and prepare, their rivals the Amazonians are wracked by intrigues, tensions and even clashes with other kingdoms. Thus the various races and clans are a house divided and ripe for the mad archangels' pickings.

It is only when Vincelas finally goes on the offensive that the squabbling factions realize their mistake. Athena, the queen of the Amazons, refuses to retreat and attempts to forge an alliance with her rivals to effectively counter the higher beings' blitz. Even this effort is undermined by her counterparts' attempt to politick, as they are still self-serving even in the face of Armageddon.

What results is a last-ditch attempt by the sensible to rally support for a unified cause. We see envoys journey and adventure across the enchanted lands, inhabited by mystical creatures and diverse races, who do their best to contribute warriors to an army that grows grand enough to match the archangels.

Mad ambitions, desperate gambits, schemes, diplomacy and preparation all come to a head when the two forces finally clash. Readers will see how the fate of all worlds will be determined, both by the sacrifices of countless as well as the efforts of the select.

Eliphas treats us to a titanic battle of wills, Biblical in proportion, reminiscent of Greek myth and the strange tales of the visionary Jack Kirby, the man behind Marvel’s Thor and that universe’s cosmology, who also inspired the likes of Thanos the Mad Titan and The Infinity War saga. And aside from the legendary scale of “Phantasy of the Gods,” it also touches on fundamental matters that are all too human. Greed and lust for power. Conflicting interests. As well as the power of empathy, which sparks the overriding need to put aside petty squabbles and embrace different individuals to achieve the greater good. Eliphas shows us that under all their grandeur and immense powers, these powerful beings are all too human and that’s why they and their stories are worthwhile.

Reviews and What Readers Say

Moments of narrative genius mixed with a more YA-feel. It's clear to me that this writer has strong potential and has strong skills in world building, with a particular infusion of spirituality and philosophy into the creation of that world. There were moments of genius in this novel that felt quite sophisticated, while other moments felt cliche/more like a young adult novel. The novel is heavy on narrative and light on dialogue, which makes some sections harder to digest. That being said, the narrative can be VERY good at times, so much that I again would say there are moments of "genius". There are two villains in this novel - one Vincelas and the second, the uncle of our protagonist, whose name slips my mind at the moment. I actually found the uncle to be a more hateful villain than Vincelas, and thought it was likely due to the fact that betrayal of family is harder to forgive than one who is farther and farther removed. I LOVED the last line of the novel, before the quote, for example. It left a feeling of triumph in my mouth, as I devoured the ending of this novel.They say the first novel of any great writer is often thrown away. If this is Eliphas's throw away, I cannot imagine what he will come up with next, and I look forward to following his writer-ly journey.”

― Lillian Rosa

" The book is a master fiction of angelic/godly beings versus extraordinary terrestrials involved in a sort of survival of the fittest with the ultimate goal of avoiding annihilation or expanding territorial boundaries. Its a brilliant manifestation of a highly creative storyline: on the one hand, its capacity to paint a vivid and permanent picture of every single event into the reader's mind is extraordinary; on the other hand, events are organised in a realistic manner as to enable the reader become part of its development.Every event is packed with action of some sort; be it physical , emotional, spiritual or psychological. Moreover, every ingredient of life is displayed in the story in one way or the other, interacting so beautifully with other elements to produce a smooth flow of events. Moreover, moments are timely intertwined with bouts of suspense to produce an intriguing yet natural narrative. All characters appear to be heroes in their unique style, thereby producing an effect similar to watching a combination of one's favorite action, romance, and horror movies simultaneously.I strongly recommend this book to anyone."

Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

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This work is the creation of the author "Eliphas," a 33-year old man who grew up in Ghana, West Africa. He arrived in the USA in the August of 2009 to pursue a masters’ degree from Purdue University in the area of civil engineering, after which he completed an MBA in 2015 and returned to Ghana. He grew up in an intensely academic environment nurtured by his father; an engineering professor and his mother who recently retired as a high school English teacher. From an early age, his parents encouraged him to read extensively in several genres and to prepare written reports of the books he read. This exercise served him well when during high school he represented in and won debating and writing contests. He did not pursue a literary career however and studied engineering in college instead. He however always kept up with his literary interests; starting blogs and websites dedicated to writing and literary discussions and also compiled a number of poems. He has an avid interest in philosophy, psychology, metaphysics, religion, mysticism, mythology and the cultures of primitive tribes. In his own words, “Embarking on my very first adult novel has been an exciting and rewarding experience for me because it enabled me to bring my love for writing to speak a creative language that intertwined with all these different themes I also had a passion for. Born out of this comes “Phantasy of the gods” and it is my dearest wish that it is as much an adventure for you as it has been for me writing it.”

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