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The dramatic, glamorous story of lover-turned-spy Marita Lorenz and her affair with Fidel Castro. Jennifer Lawrence will star in “Marita,” Sony’s movie about Marita Lorenz, who had an affair with Fidel Castro and was involved in the CIA’s assassination attempt on the Cuban leader. ( Variety )

This is the story

Few people can say they’ve seen some of the most significant moments of the twentieth century unravel before their eyes. Marita Lorenz is one of them. Born in Germany at the outbreak of WWII, Marita was incarcerated in a Nazi concentration camp as a child. In 1959, she travelled to Cuba where she met and fell in love with Fidel Castro. Yet upon fleeing to America, she was recruited by the CIA to assassinate the Fidel. Torn by love and loyalty, she couldn’t bring herself to slip him the lethal pills. Her life would take many more twists and turns―including having a child with ex-dictator of Venezuela, Marcos Pérez Jiménez; testifying about the John F. Kennedy assassination; and becoming a party girl with close ties the New York mafia (and then a police informant). Caught up in Cold War intrigue, espionage, and conspiracy―this is Marita’s incredible autobiography of a young woman who became a spy for the CIA. 8 pages of B&W photographs

Reviews and What Readers Say

“Marita Lorenz is the Forrest Gump of the Cold War. She was Fidel Castro’s lover and his would-be assassin. She was also seemingly involved in or present for almost every important geo-political event of that era: from the founding of communist Cuba to the Bay of Pigs invasion to the Kennedy assassination. By all accounts, she seems to be a woman attracted to danger. According to Lorenz: ‘One thing just led to another.’ Lorenz, who is now 78 and living in Brooklyn, has penned a book about her cloak-and-dagger life.”

― New York Post

“Every event is like a tabloid headline in this engrossing memoir.”

― Foreword Reviews

" Lorenz delivers a tale of espionage and deceit, told with rueful candor."

Kirkus Reviews

I had never heard of Marita Lorenz before and I asked someone alive during her escapades who didn't remember her either. This is quite a story. At times it seems believable even plausible, but at others it sounds outlandish and impossible. On the one hand there are photographs of her with Castro and she did testify in front of Congress which must be verifiable. On the other many documents and photos were 'stolen' and she mentions the involvement of Chris Dodd who wasn't part of the Committee. The book for the most part was entertaining but got a little rambling at the end. So true or not it was engaging. The story starts with a girl born in Germany to an American mother and a German father caught up in WWII. Her mother's aid to the allies causes Marita to spend time in a concentration camp and to be sexually assaulted as a child. She spends time at sea with her father and meets many famous people. This travel introduces her to Fidel Castro with whom she falls madly in love. Then she is caught up with the government and a plot to kill him. She gets another dictator through these connections. Then adds the mob and police to the mix. Really a crazy story with many facets of Cold War America in the mix. Not sure I believe most of it, but still a good read.

― ARG, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

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Marita Lorenz was born in Germany in 1939 and as a child, was interred in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. In the years that followed, she often sailed with her father (who was a ship captain) and, in 1959, she met Fidel Castro, with whom she fell in love. Later, the CIA would recruit and send her to assassinate Castro―an act she was unable to commit. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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