Book Discovery: Uncle Ooga-Booga and the Pajama Patrol by Christopher Vakulchik

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Ever met a kid who loved bedtime? They’re rare. Most little boys or girls you know likely dread getting into their pajamas and into bed. In fact, it is possible that just about every little human you meet hates the idea of going to sleep. Just like Stephen, the main character of Uncle Ooga-Booga and the Pajama Patrol.

This whimsical and charming book is based on real events from writer Chris Vakulchik’s life. Chris, in a game of hide-and-go-seek, would often yell “Ooga Booga!” whenever he finds his nephew. This nephew is also notorious for not liking dressing up in his pajamas because it meant going to bed and ending the fun he can have while awake. To get him to enjoy bedtime, the writer came up with a song, the Pajama Song. It is from this darling bond and the boy’s aversion to getting into pajamas and to bed that inspired this piece of children’s literature.

In Uncle Ooga-Booga and the Pajama Patrol, Stephen the boy, does not like dressing up in his pajamas and go to bed. One day, he meets Uncle Ooga-Booga. Uncle Ooga-Booga puts Stephen on his Pajama Patrol. The Pajama Patrol travels to all corners of the world to bring pajamas to children. From his role as a member of the Pajama Patrol, Stephen learns the value of gratitude. He discovers that even though they live in different parts of the world, children have the same needs. They need comfortable clothes to wear at night and soft and warm beds to sleep in. And often, the kids that Stephen meets through Pajama Patrol don’t have these.

From his travels with the Pajama Patrol, Stephen learns to be more grateful about what he has in life, more than the pajamas and comfortable bed. He also learns the value of sharing to others, especially those who are not as lucky as him.

Ideal for kids of all ages, Uncle Ooga-Booga is a wonderful book to read for bedtime. Not only will the plot and the Pajama Song capture any little boy or girl’s imagination, but they will also enjoy the cute illustrations. It is a must-have for the shelf of any budding bookworm, especially one who finds it quite challenging to get into pajamas at the end of each day. In fact, it is advisable to stock up on several of these to give to friends whose kids aren’t the most cooperative when it comes to bedtime. Perhaps they only need to learn of Stephen and his adventures as a member of the Pajama Patrol.

Reviews and What Readers Say

Fun bedtime story to remind us to be grateful for all we have. Great story for kids to realize how grateful they can be for all they have and how sharing can help others.”

― Clinton D. Hague, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

A Wonderful Story About Sharing“. A true passion project that pairs beautiful illustrations with a charming story about a little boy that learns to be grateful for what he has, all while traveling the world to give to those in need. Appropriate for kids of all ages and a great bedtime read.”

― Joe G, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

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I have always been an aspiring writer. When I was a kid in school, I would write elaborate stories about giants and monsters. When my nephew was born, he and I shared a strong bond. We would play hide and seek and when he found me I would yell, OOGA BOOGA! Then, I would see how he never wanted to get into his pajamas because that meant that he would be going to bed soon. To get him to put on his pajamas, I sang a little song, the Pajama Song we called it. Lastly, I have had the opportunity to travel to many countries. I have seen that many children aren't as lucky as I was (or my nephew was) in having so many material possessions (including warm pajamas). All of these things came together in my head and led me to write the story of Uncle Ooga Booga and the Pajama Patrol. It was a labor of love, and I am very proud of the work (and the song!). I hope you enjoy the story! Please let me know if you do.

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