Special Feature: Laughter All Around by Alexander Aleshichev

Special Feature: Laughter All Around by Alexander Aleshichev _The BookWalker

It is hard to look at laughing faces and not feel happy. It is difficult to look at someone laughing heartily and not feel elated and light. You might just find yourself laughing as well!

And if you look at Laughter All Around and find yourself laughing, the author and artist has achieved his goal. Because according to Alexandar Aleshichev, the man behind this book, the whole reason for Laughter All Around is to make people laugh.

Alexander Aleshichev is a prolific artist with a career spanning several decades. He is an artist who does not stick to one medium. He makes paintings using oil and watercolor. He can also paint a pretty picture using pastels. He does caricatures and scenic landscape pieces. He can also be relied upon to do instant sketches. As if that is not impressive enough, Alexander Aleshichev is also an accomplished stained glass painter.

From fine art pieces that one can hang in their homes, the artist and author is also famous for his caricature work. He has worked as a caricature artist for a couple of Walt Disney establishments, including the Walt Disney Resort Epcot Center at Lake Buena Vista and the Walt Disney World Hotel Grand Floridian in Florida. He has also won the Medal of Honor for Excellence in Artistic Ability in Moscow, Russia.

In Laughter All Around, we can perfectly see the wide range of artistic abilities that Alexander Aleshichev can display. The happy, sunny, laughing faces featured in Laughter All Around are beautifully executed in different mediums and in different styles: from caricatures to oil paintings to pencil sketches. This book is a perfect showcase of the artist’s talents. Collected from over 20 years of being an artist, the pieces of art in this book are awe-inspiring, a testament to one man’s dedication to his craft.

This book is obviously a must-have for art lovers. Experienced artists will appreciate the labor and skills put in in each work. Amateur artists will also find this book a source of inspiration. From the pages of this book, an aspiring artist will be encouraged to keep honing their talents for eventually, they will reach the level of skills Alexander Aleshichev showcases in Laughter All Around. But will non-art lovers like this book, too? Absolutely! Even those who are not into visual art can benefit from having this book in their collection. As mentioned, Alexander Aleshichev only wants to make people laugh, and laughter is something that anyone should experience as often as possible.

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Being an artist and cartoonist, Alexander Aleshichev, deals not only with one medium of art but he mastered oil painting, watercolor, pastel, and even caricatures and graphic art of still life and landscapes. He also does instant sketches easily as well as scenic painting and wall painting. Not content with that, our author even excels with Stained Glass Painting. Among the several affiliations Mr. Aleshichev has is being a Caricature Artist for the Walt Disney Resort, Epcot Center at Lake Buena Vista Florida and doing portraits for the Walt Disney World Hotel Grand Floridian Florida. He is not only well recognized in the United States, but he has also won several awards such as the coveted Medal of Honor for Excellence in Artistic Ability in Moscow, Russia. Mr. Aleshichev, lived a full and happy family life with his son Ilia and his wife, Tania. He passed away September 16, 2012.

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