Book Discovery: With Reckless Abandon by Sam Fluharty

Book Discovery: With Reckless Abandon by  Sam Fluharty_The BookWalker

Law and order form the cornerstones of a functioning society, and even those who enforce these must conform to them. Yet when it all breaks down, when faced by violence that abides by no law or order, what is a lawman to do? Sam Fluharty depicts a cop who is taken to the brink, who has no other choice but use the last resort. He shows us "With Reckless Abandon: An Angel Vierra Investigation."

Angel Vierra is relentless. A homicide cop who will pursue his case until he has the perp — dead or alive. The Bible in Blood serial killer, the Winter Kill case, whether it's enduring a hail of bullets and cuffing the suspect or taking them out, he will get the job done.

So when two county sheriffs are murdered, he is sent to idyllic northern Michigan to find out who is behind it and make them answer for their crimes. It doesn't take long for him to find out that the killer is Manny Modelo, an officer of the Sinaloa drug cartel. Angel's partner, Adrienne Kincaid, is a War on Terror vet who more than holds her own, but Modelo is set on ending her.

To make matters worse, the Toronto Blue Jay's ace pitcher is also gunning for Modelo and has his own special operations skills and capable allies. So, it's no longer just about finding the killer, it's finding him first —before some vigilantes do him in.

Fluharty ensures the soundness of the narrative’s fundamentals, relying on the tried and true storytelling conventions designed to satisfy readers rather than tickle unconventional or experimental fancies. As he says, “I am a devout Aristotelian. I believe that a story should have a beginning, a middle and a credible climax. And, further that the hero exemplifies strength and virtue.”

“The greatest challenge for a writer of fiction is to give to his readers an exhilarating and plausible escape from the mundane tedium of their lives,” Fluharty explains. He is no stranger to violence, having served in Vietnam as a helicopter gunship pilot, earning a Distinguished Flying Cross for Valor and the Purple Heart, before taking up law and living a far less exciting existence.

Fluharty draws from both military and legal experiences to give his story an authenticity that may be lacking in fiction made by those unfamiliar with the subject. Thus his narrative construction is aimed at giving readers a truly engaging page-turner. “In doing so, I derive both intellectual and cathartic pleasure in the antics and action of Angel Vierra and Jack Thorn.”

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Sam Fluharty's other works; The Counselor: An Angel Vierra Investigation ( 2018 ), Winter Kill ( 2016 ),The Bloody Incubus ( 2014 ), The Seal and the Rose ( 2013 ), Rite of Revenge ( 2011 )

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