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"This book is highly recommended. ...alas an interesting plot, great characters,exquisite writing; a full-bodied narrative with a healthy dose of intrigue to boot."

— Pacific Book Review

"Meyerhoff has pulled off a trifecta in this novel.He'c created a charming protagonist and supporting characters you hope to see more of in subsequent adventures. In the genre's parlance, this is a,'damn good book."

—U.S. Review of Books

A good old detective story awaits readers, particularly crime genre aficionados, with Kip Meyerhoff’s “Deadwood and Beyond.” Rife with twists and turns, this suspenseful page-turner is a real deep dive into the gritty world of noir, intrigue and hard-boiled action.

It follows a former LAPD detective sergeant, Roland "Rollo" Michaels, who despite his self-assured, wry-humored and over-caffeinated exterior is a big softie who is trying his best at being a part-time father to two teenage kids while keeping his private investigation firm afloat. Michaels & Associates is composed of a diverse blend of loyal men and women who face whatever the mean streets throw at them with drink, love, banter and a few obscene hand gestures.

So when Rollo is arrested at a murder scene in Deadwood, South Dakota, it all goes to hell. Now he and his friends have to exonerate him and unravel the conspiracy behind the murder. This takes them from the Black Hills to Beverly Hills, from the shores of Long Island to the cliffs of San Simeon.

What they discover are ghosts of Rollo's past, when failures of the Federal Witness Protection Program and his father's old ties with the New York mob coincide. Now Rollo and crew have to deal with deceitful clients, hired killers and sociopathic murderers while ticking off law enforcement officers from three different agencies.

"Deadwood and Beyond" promises to keep readers on the edge of their seats with its blend of suspense, intrigue and a character-driven narrative with depth. Naturally so, as Meyerhoff draws from his own experiences: 20 years in the LAPD and 10 years as a licensed PI in La-La Land. Plenty of material for "Deadwood and Beyond," keeping it authentic, real enough to be believable and grounded in the workings of the worlds of law enforcement, private eyes, and organized crime.

This is what makes the narrative engaging and thrilling, as it isn’t just some flight of fancy written by someone with no understanding of the matter. This was written by someone who has lived the life of a P.I. A real gumshoe who will take his readers on a tour of his world. Yes, there are liberties in this fictional story, for drama’s sake, of course. But this may very well be the closest to the Real Thing readers can get, save for actually being framed for murder and rallying a ragtag band of sleuths to crack the case and avoid mob hits.

Reviews and What Readers Say

Great writing, cops, detective - great combo. As an ex-cop/PI/writer, myself, I thoroughly enjoyed Deadwood and Beyond. Works of fiction can be any one of four basic writing styles; a great novel encompasses all without excessiveness of any. D&B is such a book.Narrative: The writer endlessly describes a scene, i.e., Hemmingway style. I mean how many pages are needed to say the bubbly, sparkly, meandering brook flowed through the fresh as a daisy daisy field ... ad nauseam.

Character driven: In his mind he believed his subconscious imagined his inner self was thinking about his best friend’s veterinarian's next door neighbor’s hairdresser's boyfriend’s mother-in-law’s ... glaze over time.Action: Blood spurting from his arm, he grabbed the razor-sharp, pruning hook, jumped onto the rapidly, accelerating, pick-up truck while the gut-shot ... we get the picture.

Dialog driven: This is the hardest to write, but most satisfying to read. Deadwood & Beyond is a page-turner inasmuch while smiling or cringing at what’s being said – or not said - you’ll need to turn the page just to let your breath out. The book is filled with crisp, clipped, cop-savvy talk, but not the type that the non-cop reader will find distracting or won’t be able to figure out."

The story line? that’s second to good writing. I mean how many books have you read that had great plots, but because they were missing one or more of the basic writing necessities, the book was not so good. Deadwood and Beyond, about a P.I. who is a retired LAPD Detective Sergeant, covers all four very nicely. The author having, himself, beaten a well-beaten beat, is a retired LAPD Detective Sergeant and thus knows from where he writes. There are no “holes” in the story. If you like Joseph Wambaugh, you’ll really enjoy Kip Meyerhoff. On the downside, the author, being a gourmet chef, describes delectable deserts and other dietary dishes so delicious, the reader will find it necessary to pause the reading to rapidly, repeatedly and redundantly raid the refer. Seriously, the gun stuff could use a little tweaking, such as the Walther PPK comes in .380 ACP caliber, not .38, but being a long-time police firearms instructor, I’m being a little picky."

― Chuck Klein, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

“ Fun read...great plots and subplots and nothing gruesome as most are these days! Highly recommend!

Donna, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

“ Kip Meyerhoff proves that one can write a good mystery book without having to have graphic sex scenes every chapter and without having to have profanity.Deadwood and Beyond is a great detective story about a private investigator and multiple investigations. The question is, how do all these investigations tie into one another? One simply has to read the book to find this out.There are all sorts of mysteries in this book. It isn’t your typical “figured it out in the first chapter” kind of book.Deadwood and Beyond is very well-written and very entertaining. We give it all five stars and a pot of coffee to boot. If you are tired of reading the drivel that normally makes up a mystery novel, you will be pleasantly surprised with this book.We were sent a complimentary copy of this book. We are under no obligation to write any review, positive or negative.We are disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255.”

― David and Suzanne McClendon, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

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Kip Meyerhoff has been a columnist for the River Times for the past decade. He lives in a Victorian home on the banks of the Ohio River with significant other, the real Linda, whose main job is to keep him out of trouble. His first book, Cooking with Kip: A Cook's Memoir, tells how his lifelong fascination with cooking and eating shaped his life.

His 20 years as a member of the LAPD and ten years as a licensed private investigator provide the fodder for his Rollo Michaels protagonist.

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