Book Talk: Family One Family Two by Erica Gibbons

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Divorce happens to a lot of families all over the world. It is a reality that a lot of families face. Often, this situation is difficult for partners to navigate especially when children are involved. Parents often find themselves at a loss as to how to broach the topic of the separation to their children. The children, oftentimes, are left with more questions than answers.

Family One Family Two introduces its readers to a little boy who has two families —Family One is in the country while Family Two is in the city. This book aims to encourage the readers to learn about the different types of families. It pushes to open the readers' eyes to the reality that living in a "non-conventional" family structure is not something to be ashamed of or sad about. It promotes an environment of kindness and support to those young people who may have this type of family structure.

Family One Family Two is a book that addresses the topics of divorce and separation in a way that is simple and easy to understand. It is geared towards the younger audience and written in such a way that is easy for them to relate to. This is a well-written book that clearly had its young readers in mind and heart. The story is told very simply yet eloquently and is perfect for young minds. To add to the beauty of this book are the visuals that grace its pages. The images consist of hand-painted illustrations that tell a story within itself. This book will be enjoyed by parents and their children.

Divorce and separation are often viewed in a negative light and even a taboo. As a result, parents are often not equipped with the right tools to help their children understand and process this reality. There is an abundance of negative content about divorce out there, and this book takes a different direction and engages its audience about divorce and separation in a loving way.

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The author, Erica Gibbons, is the founder of MommieMix, a fashion and lifestyle company. Erica was inspired to write this story to celebrate all the children who come from families who have been affected by separation and divorce. Erica lives with her husband and three children and is passionate about her family, fashion and dance. The illustrator, Kate Maruskin, is a long-time friend of the author. Her colorful hand painted illustrations tell a story within a story – for children and parents alike. Kate is an entrepreneur, abstract artist, and avid gardener living in Boston's historic South End.

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