Book Talk: Wind to Freedom by Ralph Crevoisier

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A sweeping account of three brothers’ lives, Wind to Freedom starts its story in Bern, Switzerland. Driven by Mother Nature’s wrath, the brothers left their homes in the Alps in 1750. Although close to their hearts, the brothers decide to leave the place that their ancestors called home and seek out a friendlier climate. They end up in a small town in France, along the Normandy coast.

In this new county, we follow the journey of the brothers as they raise their families and find their professional calling. This small town sees the two brothers and their spouses raising their children to adulthood. One becomes a cannoneer, and the other becomes a captain in the French Navy. The life of the third brother follows a different path, but he still finds happiness and contentment. He becomes a man of science and serves his town by making medicine and selling them to those who need it.

Although the Normandy coast was friendlier when it came to natural elements, the political climate eventually turned as dangerous as the Swiss Alps. Time passes, and we see the condition in their new country go from bad to worse. The royals who run France simply didn’t care about the plights of the commoner. The revolution comes, and the lives of the brothers and their families are turned into turmoil once again. Now through the years of personal triumphs and tribulations have trained them to become exceptionally astute community observers, they are set to do something about the people who were causing misery in their new country. The cannoneer decides to become part of Napoleon’s army. The rest of the family find different ways to leave their second home country to safer shores. The elder brother and his family are secreted out of France to Britain. The sea captain finds himself on a journey to America where he and his wife settles in the heartland of the country.

Wind to Freedom is a novel written by Ralph Crevoisier, a retired Clinical Associate Professor of Orthodontics. Trained in music from a young age, the writer is also a Theater and Vocal talent for the United States Military Armed Forces Radio. But music and opera are not his only passions, as evidenced by Wind to Freedom. Although this is the writer’s first novel, it still reads like a story of someone who has been writing professionally for years. It is full of sweeping drama, historical observations, and lovely accounts of one family’s journey through several countries. A must-read for anyone who loves historical and family fiction.

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Ralph Crevoisier is a retired Clinical Associate Professor of Orthodontics who grew up in a loving family of remote rural Share Croppers from Southern Missouri. B

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