Special Feature: FaceTime With Jesus by Benjamin John

Special Feature: FaceTime With Jesus by Benjamin John_The BookWalker

The world has never changed as fast as it is changing now. Something new is happening every day, and something new is coming at us from every direction. We are in the era of information. We live in a time where communication is more comfortable to achieve, no matter where in the world we are. Through technology, most of it is at our fingertips, everyone is virtually reachable.

But, with enough stimulus to occupy all of our waking hours and engross our consciousness, does the modern believer still have time to answer the call of God? How do we wade through all the external voices and hear that of the Creator's? How do we see his face?

In his debut book, FaceTime With Jesus — The Fight for Image, Benjamin John calls readers to be in front of the face of Jesus, reflect him and become more like him. With everything that is happening in the world, it is important now, more than ever, to seek Jesus. It is even more crucial to take the time to get to know Him and in doing so, strive to be more like Him.

The modern believer faces many obstacles in coming to the altar to spend quality time with Jesus. This is where this book will be helpful. In the words of the author, “FaceTime with Jesus” is a tool to equip a believer in their walk with God for unending victories. Through the book, one will have “the eyes of their heart opened to who He is, and we behold Him and reflect Him.”

This book aims to help those who have believed for a long time to come into a revival of faith and step into a state of "refreshed fire." This book also serves as a guide for new believers as they grow in their faith. And, for anyone with a seeking heart, this book is worth exploring.

This book is a product of the author's own faith journey and reflection of Jesus' image. "I wrote this book as a result of a series of encounters as I answered the call of God, and received revelations of ‘FaceTime with Jesus", Benjamin John declares.

Seek, and you shall find.

Note: Now Available. Click here

Benjamin John has served as Doctorally Trained Medical Researcher, and Regulatory Statistician in Medical Devices and Biopharmaceutical Drug Development and now a priest called of God into full-time ministry in 2016 and has been graced by God to teach this topic; He is the Pastor of Living Hope Christian Center, a.k.a Prayers Chapel International, based in Somerset, New Jersey, USA.

Dr. John received his Ph.D. in Biomedical Informatics from Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA. Also, Dr. John holds three Masters’ degrees in Bioinformatics, Computer Science and Biostatistics respectively from Rutgers University and New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA.

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