Book Discovery: Shekinah Unveiled: Rediscovering the True Bride of Christ by John Whitman

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The topic of the “Bride of Christ” has been in discussion in many religious circles for as long as there have been churches. Many viewpoints contribute to this centuries-long debates. Some of these viewpoints help illuminate some issues. Others seem to only lead listeners and readers to a long and winding road of confusion.

This book, Shekinah Unveiled by John Whitman aims to assist in making the topic clearer to whoever finds it interesting. And there is no other man more qualified to do it than someone with skills, know-how, and expertise as John Whitman. The writer was born into a devout family in Tennessee. He was ordained into the Gospel Ministry at Praise Tabernacle. One of his functions was instructing people in verse-by-verse study of the Scriptures as a Sunday School teacher. After a couple of years, he received his diploma from Gospel School of Ministry. He then went on to study at Andersonville Theological Seminary, earning an Associate of Biblical Studies in 2011, a Bachelor of Theology the following year, and a Master of Theology: Pastoral Theology in 2013. He is currently pursuing a second MA with focus on Biblical Languages.

Backed with his extensive studies, John Whitman aims to spread the truth contained in God’s Holy Scriptures. His goal is to help people of all denominations to see beyond the traditions imposed by so-called modern Christianity. And by releasing his book, Shekinah Unveiled, John is one step closer to reaching this goal.

Shekinah Unveiled is a display of thorough research and analysis on who the true Bride of Christ is. Is it the church, as dogma and long-held traditions have maintained? Or is there a long-forgotten person who truly was the Bride of Christ. This book is a journey of discovery, a guide to a history of the church that may have not been revealed to you until now. With this engaging and intelligent book, you will learn a great deal about relationships, the shortcomings of the church, and the real truth about a woman named Shekinah.

While this book and its topic is indeed not for everyone, it does open many doors and themes for further dialogues—something very much needed in today’s society. For some people, this book will be a revelation that will alter their view of the church and God’s Holy Scriptures. For some, this will lead to further and more personal research on the topic of the Bride of Christ. No matter which way you go after reading Shekinah Unveiled, you will be thankful for giving this book the attention that it truly deserves.

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John Whitman was born in Tennessee into a devout God-fearing family and brought to saving faith in Jesus Christ at a young age. In 2009 he was ordained into the Gospel Ministry at the nondenominational church Praise Tabernacle, where he served in many capacities, including adult Sunday School teacher. As a teacher of God's word, he instructed people in verse-by-verse study of God's Holy Scriptures.

In 2011 he received his diploma from Gospel School of Ministry, since then he's been an avid student at Andersonville Theological Seminary, having earned the following degrees: Associate of Biblical Studies (2011); Bachelor of Theology (2012); Master of Theology: Pastoral Theology (2013); and is currently pursuing his Master of Divinity: Biblical Languages.

Growing up in the Assemblies of God for the first 14 years of his life, as well as spending a number of years in a non-denominational church, before joining the Southern Baptist Convention, where he now resides, John Whitman has a burning desire to help people of all denominations see beyond the traditions imposed by so-called 'modern Christianity' and see the universal truths contained in God's Holy Scriptures.

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