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A wryly entertaining new crime novel from Lynne Truss, New York Times bestselling author of Eats, Shoots and Leaves.

“Truss's affection for a rollicking, twisty caper has transferred to the page with ease . . . there's some fine storytelling on display here.” ―Observer

“Truss piles up ingenious plot twists, preposterous coincidences, snarky asides, and characters out of P.G. Wodehouse, this time replacing her murderous felines with a setup out of the genre's golden age.” ―Kirkus Reviews

This is the story

It's 1957, and the famed theater critic A. S. Crystal has come to the British seaside resort of Brighton with something other than the local production of A Shilling in the Meter on his mind. Sitting in the Brighton Royal Theater with Constable Twitten, Crystal intends to tell the detective the secret he knows about the still-unsolved Aldersgate Stick-Up case of 1945. And yet, just before Crystal names the criminal mastermind involved, he's shot dead in his seat.

With a new murder case on his hands and a lazy captain at the helm of the police department, the keen and clever Constable Twitten and his colleague Sargent Jim Brunswick set out to solve the decade-old mystery of the Aldersgate Stick-Up. As the partners venture deep into the criminal underworld that lies beneath Brighton's holiday-happy veneer, they begin to discover a criminal conspiracy that dates back decades. But will Brunswick and Twitten be able to foil the mastermind, or will Crystal's death become just another unsolved crime in this seemingly peaceful seaside city?

With her characteristic wit, New York Times bestselling author Lynne Truss introduces readers to a cast of eccentric policeman and scheming criminals in a drolly delightful mystery you won't want to miss.

Reviews and What Readers Say

“This farcical tale is packed with interwoven plotlines, clues strewn about like confetti and a comically oblivious chief inspector. It reads like a stage comedy . . . Sharp and witty, A Shot in the Dark is a good time.”

―Top Pick in Cozies, BookPage

" Truss' language, unsurprisingly, sparkles, and her portrayal of class and its exasperating effect on even the British underworld is memorable. Readers of Agatha Christie are a natural audience for this study in peculiarity.”

―Booklist Online

“ There are three types of people who will read this book; those who will love it, those who will hate it for being way too twee by half, and, sadly, those who won't "get it" at all

How can you tell which one you are? Well, if I tell you that the book can NEVER be made into a film because Ian Carmichael is dead and you say "Who the bleep is Ian Carmichael?" You are category three and might as well stop reading this review now.

As for the other two categories: Read this quote: "Frankie's doting parents regarded him as a criminal psychopath of pleasing potential.."If you think that's just a bit much, don'tcha' know! You're category 2

But if, like me, you realised that the word "pleasing" was a masterstroke that summed up a world of character/plot/incident/tone then welcome to category one and may the sun never set on this new Trussian Empire" ―Enubrius, Amazon Client

" We all know Truss can work miracles--after all, she managed to make a manual on punctuation (Eats, Shoots and Leaves) a bestseller--but I doubt even Constable Twitten could work out how she has produced a whodunit that exudes heartwarming cosiness whilst boasting Game of Thrones levels of violent death, or given her cast of amusing caricatures more life than most of the characters I've encountered in fiction this year.”

―Daily Telegraph

Note: To be released on November 6, 2018. To pre-order, Click here

Lynne Truss is a writer and journalist who started out as a literary editor with a blue pencil and then got sidetracked. The author of three novels and numerous radio comedy dramas, she spent six years as the television critic of The Times of London, followed by four (rather peculiar) years as a sports columnist for the same newspaper. She won Columnist of the Year for her work for Women's Journal. Lynne Truss also hosted Cutting a Dash, a popular BBC Radio 4 series about punctuation. She now reviews books for the Sunday Times of London and is a familiar voice on BBC Radio 4. She lives in Brighton, England.

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