Special Feature: The Miracles of Life by Verdieman Smith

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In this day and age of constant technological stimulation, there leaves little to no room for introspection and wonder, especially in children. From the moment they wake up in the morning to the time they sleep at night, many kids have their noses buried in front of their phones, tablets, or computers. They are almost always unaware of the miracles of life that happen around them.

The Miracles of Life is a beautiful book that kids of this generation sorely need. This helpful book showcases lovely information about the purpose of God’s creations on Earth. It is a wonderful guide for helping growing boys and girls understand what every creature on Earth is here for — from us humans to animals to all things that grow from the ground. The Miracles of Life also touches on the more astounding parts of everyday life. Great examples are the sun as a very powerful source of energy and the ocean and the many fantastic creatures in it. Our daily lives are filled to the brim with wondrous functions and events. They go unnoticed most of the time, but this book reminds us to pause and appreciate them.

Even though for children, The Miracles of Life is a lovely companion for just about anyone in any age range. After all, some adults often forget just how beautiful life can be and what wonderful things our Creator has provided for us.

The Miracles of Life is brought to us by Verdieman Smith. He is from Detroit, Michigan. He served in the U.S. Navy and graduated from Wayne State University with a degree in Social Studies/Science. He was a Customer Service Supervisor for the U.S. Postal Service for 33 years. He is currently licensed Real Estate Agent. It was from his work as a Real Estate Agent that gave him inspiration to write The Miracles of Life. He was with a client one day who had written a book. Said client received rave reviews even though her primary job was a technician at a local hospital. Verdieman Smith was inspired by this and set about to write a book himself. The Miracles of Life is his second book. His first was called Love Wounds Never Heal.

Aside from giving us a children’s book that talks about the miracles of life, Verdieman Smith also inspires us to reach for our goals, no matter what. Maybe you don’t know the first thing about writing a book. But this should not stop you from writing one if you feel like that this something that you want to do.

Reviews and What Readers Say

“An excellent book for Children to learn about the miracles created by God, also for adults who take all the wonders they live by for grantedand never realized the purpose of these thing we enjoy everyday of our lives.”

―Amazon Client

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