Book Discovery: The Adventures of Sally Elephant Who Likes Being Upside Down by Michael P Watts

If there is one thing that the world needs an abundant supply of, it’s empathy. It’s understanding of others, what they go through, and having the capacity to lend a hand when needed. However, it is easy to forget how to be kind, especially in a world where cynicism has become a logical armor for many people. Thankfully, we come into contact with books like The Adventures of Sally Elephant Who Likes Being Upside Down to remind us to always be kind, to empathize, and to learn how to see the world from another creature’s perspective.

The Adventures of Sally Elephant Who Likes Being Upside Down is written by Michael P. Watts, a great-grandfather, grandfather, father, and husband. His inspiration for Sally Elephant was a very popular statue that was installed in South Brisbane, QLD. He came up with a story about the figure, on the spot, from hearing an offhand comment from a friend. The novel was well-received. After a time and after learning of a cheeky elephant at the Australia Zoo in the author’s home state, Queensland, The Adventures of Sally Elephant Who Likes Being Upside Down was born.

Sally Elephant is an admirable sort of elephant. The species are known for having great memories, and Sally Elephant is no exception. In fact, she could easily recall her great adventures about exploring on her own when she was still a lot younger. Sally Elephant lives a life of fun and exciting experiences and of meeting interesting creatures. Most importantly, Sally Elephant is called “the upside down elephant.”

She came by this nickname because of her kind and curious disposition. Sally Elephant is friends with a tiny water rat named Kuril. Despite their size difference, they are good buddies and get along quite well. Kuril could stand on Sally Elephant’s back and see the world from her point of view. But the same could not be said about Sally Elephant and Kuril’s perspective. But by standing upside down, she finally found a way to see the world as Kuril sees it. Other animals made fun of her, but Sally Elephant didn’t mind them. She knew that it is important to understand our friends, especially ones who are different from us.

Reminders to be kind and compassionate can come from many sources. In this case, we get them from one fun, adventurous, and adorable upside-down elephant. May we live our lives following her good example.

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Note from the author

I enjoy many things in life, writing, travel, time spent with my Family. I find that many things set off my creative thinking just as the Elephant at South Bank Brisbane Queensland Australia and often this could end up as a book like Sally.

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