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The vicious realities of street assaults and sudden violence will shock most people who are generally unprepared for such scenarios. YouTube videos and even martial arts lessons at the gym can only convey so much about actual fighting beyond rings and mats, without the supervision of referees. Muggings, armed attacks and worse, these are incidents any sensible person hopes to avoid... yet there might be times when escape isn’t a possibility, and one has to be ready for these. “Survival Strong” is the essential principle and it is what author Philip Ross shares with his book, a guide to persevering despite the odds by being prepared.

Ross draws from his extensive experiences as a martial artist, security specialist, fighter and instructor. He has more than four decades of experience and success. In the ring, mat, or street, Ross and his students have proven their methods and prevailed. Now he provides a comprehensive resource for such training methods that have succeeded in real-life situations. These are firmly practical and utilitarian applications, not flashy moves for show or techniques that abide by sportsmanly regulations.

Unarmed combat, striking, grappling, improvised weaponry, fending off individual attackers and groups, navigating mass panic and even dog attacks, Ross has it all. Most importantly, he cultivates awareness and a survival-oriented mindset, which are crucial for detecting and sidestepping volatile situations instead of rushing headfirst into what could be fatal encounters. These situations and scenarios are supplemented by actual accounts of real-life confrontations. Ross has actually lived through such incidents and is thus most qualified to share his know-how as both a practitioner and an instructor. He is the opposite of those YouTube Warriors with dubious advice that could very well get their viewers killed.

The How-To book also includes a wide variety of strength and fitness conditioning techniques and survival tactics. The crux of the matter is learning how to detect, avoid, handle and prepare to defend one's self, one's family and home.

“I want to do my part to help good people stay safe and strong!” Ross says. His qualifications include successfully competing in national-level submission fighting, kickboxing, full contact karate, taekwondo, and Olympic-style wrestling. He has worked as a bouncer and bodyguard for two decades and has used the skills he learned in real-life conflict resolution. And now he passes on his expertise, teaching accomplished individuals that include UFC fighters, martial arts school owners, professional fighters, military operators, law enforcement officers, athletes, and private security personnel. With this repertoire, Ross' readers are indeed in good hands.

Reviews and What Readers Say

Terrific book. Extremely well written and the moves / techniques are explained thoroughly. The real world stories are fascinating and really bring home a point that Phil makes throughout the book - that most street fights last less than 10 seconds. Of course, even the most well written book, as this one is, can only teach so much. I am fortunate to live near the authors place of business, and look forward to learning some of the tactics and disciplines he wrote about directly from him and his staff."

― Ned, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

“ I bought this Kindle book and another Kindle book by Phil Ross, Ferocious Fitness.

After reading both, I rated Ferocious Fitness 3 out of 5 stars, but this one is much better and rates 5 stars.

It has simpler conditioning routines than Ferocious Fitness, plus a wealth of practical advice and training methods for real world self defense.

My background: black belts in Korean karate and hapkido, university and military judo teams, and 42 years of uniformed service (yes, 42), much of it overseas in conflict and disaster zones. Phil's book hits all of the major principles of practical self defense that I learned through those years of training and experience.

I could use a lot less of the hype and unnecessary endorsements at the beginning of the book, but this is a Dragon Door publication, and those are unfortunately a routine part of the Dragon Door marketing strategy. Phil's material validates itself and doesn't need all the hype. Just skip the first 7% of the book, and go to Phil's information. The great thing about a Kindle book is you can use the slider bar to quickly go anywhere you want to in an ebook.

I recommend this book for anyone interested in self defense, from beginner to expert. You might also want to get the Kindle version of Ferocious Fitness, and skip directly to the Nutrition section of that book, which is excellent. I would stick with Survival Strong for conditioning and self defense information, though.”

―Joe, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

“ Phil Ross’ ‘Survival Strong’ is billed as ‘a guide to street survival and strength’ and that’s exactly what it is. It’s obvious from page one that the author knows his stuff as he guides the reader through a number of scenarios – some of which he’s experienced firsthand! – meant to demonstrate various defense techniques to get one out of any number of dangerous circumstances. Although Ross continually stresses the old adage ‘cooler heads prevail’ he admits that in some situations one must resort to whatever means necessary to get out of a situation unscathed.

This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to be prepared for an unexpected confrontation. It’s also great reading for any young college student who’ll be away from home for the first time (in particularly chapter 19 ‘Everyday Public Places’ which gives basic yet so important tips on dangers in malls, elevators, restaurants and probably the most important – parties and bars!

Kudos Mr. Ross on blending together a well-written, easily understood and also entertaining book on modern day street survival tips for the average person as well as the trained professional. Definitely not an easy task.

(On a side note . . . . I decided to take ‘the challenge’ referred to on page 21 – couldn’t even make past the end of my street!)”

Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

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Phil Ross's name is synonymous with Martial Arts and Fitness. He has successfully competed on the National Level in Submission Fighting, Kickboxing, Full Contact Karate, Taekwondo, and Olympic Style Wrestling. He has also held several titles in Bodybuilding and Power-lifting. As a bouncer and bodyguard for more than two decades, he utilized his skills learned training and in competition for real-life conflict resolution. A multitude of very accomplished individuals that have trained and continue to train with Phil Ross; UFC Fighters, Martial Arts School Owners, Professional Fighters, Special Ops Members and other Military Personnel, FBI Agents, DEA Agents, Police Officers, Athletes, and Bodyguards.

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