Special Feature: Does It Really Say That in the Bible? by Katie Hoyt McNabb

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There are over 100 million copies of the Bible that are sold each year. However, even with a book that has been translated into more than 500 languages, many are still hesitant to read the Bible for fear of not understanding what it says. There are also those who feel that they should read the Bible but fear that they will find it tedious or too fantastical.

These are just some of the reasons why the author, Katie Hoyt McNabb, has embarked on writing her book "Does It Really Say That in the Bible?". This book is written to help those seeking the word of God in a fresh new light. It is meant to be a guide for those who are either reading the Bible for the first time or those who are just re-discovering the delights of the word of God.

Although information is now more easily accessible than at any point in history, many are still pressed to find the answers to the most important questions - What is the meaning of life? Is there a God? What does he have to say about life and the issues that plague the world today?

The good news is that the word of God is dynamic and is still relevant to the questions many are still asking today. Does It Really Say That in the Bible? approaches reading the Bible in two ways: 1) How much choice do we have in the outcome of our lives? And 2) Is there a purpose—an endpoint—to our existence? It is in this frame that the author guides the readers when delving into the word of God. Instead of looking at the Bible as a series of stories that have happened thousands of years ago, it helps the readers understand it in the lens of how it is relevant in their lives and what they can learn from it. It presents the Bible for what it is, a love story between God and humanity.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" Superb writing making this most important story of all time, actually user friendly and riveting. It's about time!!!"

― Lori, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

" Outstanding book bringing familiar Bible stories to life!"

Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

" Excellent book about the Bible. I highly recommend it to those who have a passion for studying the Word."

― Jacey Johnson Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

" When I first heard the title of the book, I was expecting an apologetic approach to the Bible where various quips and quotes attributed to the Good Book would be inspected and either verified or debunked. Interestingly, this does happen in the book... but that really isn't why this book is so great and why I am enjoying it so much."Does it Really Say That in the Bible?" is a friendly voice and a helping hand through, and I'm not embarrassed to admit it, a difficult text. I am a recent convert (from a Santa Claus upbringing) who has struggled to read the Bible in the past. I have read portions of it and I always have the feeling that I am missing something. Reading the Bible is hard.Katie McNabb's book has been a flashlight in the darkness for me. She continually enjoins the reader to view Bible passages in context, not just in the times when they were written, but also in the type of language they utilize, choice of words, narrative structure, and even why they are telling a particular story in the first place. She continually uncovers key treasures that I have missed on previous reading attempts. McNabb works back and forth from directly quoting scripture to summarizing passages, all the while keeping the reader's attention focused on the text as well as the overarching Good News it is attempting to convey.I have not finished the book yet. Part of me wants to put it down and read the Bible up to where I am now. The other part wants to hurry up and finish... and then pick up the Bible and read it with a deeper understanding. And I think that's about as good of a recommendation as you could get!"

― Jeffrey Lower Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

" I love reading this along with scripture. Well written and easy to follow. Using it for bible study and get a lot out of the experience. Thanks."

Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

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After graduating with a BA in Religious Studies from Yale, Katie Hoyt McNabb continued her studies at Temple University, earning a Master's in Education while teaching high school English. When she and her husband began their family, Katie retired from full time instruction, but reengaged in education part time teaching parenting courses and then, primarily, adult Bible studies at church. She published Does It Say That in the Bible? in 2014 as an outgrowth of her some twenty years in adult Christian education. These days she continues to teach at her home church, while maintaining her blog: christianmiddle.com, and juggling the roles of wife, mother of four adult children, and grandmother of three youngsters.

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