Book Talk: Second Life: Entrepreneurship beyond Management and Leadership by Patrick Verschelde

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Pursuing your passion is an ideal many aspire for, but few can actualize in the face of life’s constraints and the need to put career first. Patrick Verschelde experienced this first hand as he pursued his work enthusiastically until a health crisis forced him to slow down, re-evaluate his course, and boldly chart a new path aligned with what he truly loves: connecting with people. His novel shares this hard-earned roadmap to revitalizing one’s existence and achieve fulfillment at work and beyond. Verschelde shows how to attain “Second Life: Entrepreneurship Beyond Management and Leadership.”

The narrative parallels the events of Verschelde’s own past, modified for dramatic effect to convey how readers can take the reigns of their own careers. We follow Jack Grayson, a big shot at a textile company with hundreds of employees. He faces an ethical dilemma and has to choose between what is right and his loyalty towards his boss. Timely enough, he receives cryptic messages from a mentor who starts teaching him the essence of selfishness and co-existence. Now the ball is in his court, and he must decide whether he’ll stay the course or take the risk and deviate.

He finds the courage to make a stand while balancing the numerous demands of corporate life. These stresses lead to a health crisis. Like the author, Jack takes a step back from the hustle and bustle of executive life and re-assessed what is truly important. He gains the drive to pursue a radical entrepreneurial journey where he meets a monk and learns how to discover what his soul truly longs for. With this wisdom, Jack gains agency throughout his life, which leads him to a soulmate and a sense of fulfillment as his universe opens up once more in both professional and non-work aspects.

These help Jack determine the four keys entrepreneurs need to live amazing lives, and readers can try these out for themselves and see their impact. Verschelde’s narrative is a business class analogue of works such as “Eat, Pray, Love,” providing reflection for those caught in the daily grind and in need of a change, an existential transition. The spirit’s growth parallels with one’s departure from cubicles and boardrooms, replacing them with travels to exotic locales and meetings with monks and gurus. Routine and pressure are replaced with contemplation, self-discovery, and development.

“As soon as I made the shift in my career, ideas and creations started overflowing and pouring out of me like there was no tomorrow and my passion for showing others how to create a life aligned with their passions took hold of me,” Verschelde affirms. “I became reacquainted with my love for writing and published ‘Second Life,’ an inspiring novel —sharing my travels and nuggets of wisdom I collected along the way —for everybody who wants to energize himself. It is a story from my own life experience. I organized the events differently, changed names and details of people and places, but everything is true.”

Reviews and What Readers Say

" Inspiring book of an amazing man."

— Ann Deman, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

" What the readers need to know—Second Life, is indeed, a second life. Light read but profound—light that it connects right away, heavy that it gives the reader insights and re-directs to what you truly want in life. Life is to be lived."

— Deborah, The BookWalker

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Patrick Verschelde made a huge shift to have his life and business became more aligned with his passions and authentic self. He was a human resources manager and afterward as an entrepreneur he started developing HR software — which he lovingly created with his team. But the truth is selling products didn't excite him and didn't give him the motivation he needed to truly spur him on to find a fulfilling career path which incorporates all that he loves which is most important—a connection to people.

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