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Romance, fast cars, and raising awareness for those with Asperger's Syndrome and Autism—these makings of a heartwarming, albeit unconventional love story awaits readers in Patricia L. Powell’s novel. In it, they will follow a shy and lonely girl who blooms and, after a series of fate, may very well have her “Cowboy Dreams” come true.

Life with Asperger Syndrome hasn’t been easy for Tricia Perkins. While she enjoys a privileged upbringing, she grew up in a lonely home and has never had a boyfriend or even a first kiss. Her best friend, Kate, seems to understand her loneliness. Unfortunately, aside from her, understanding seems to be in short supply among those around Tricia.

Life seems great for Clay Gibson, though. A race car driving cowboy from North Carolina, he’s the hottest name in the NASCAR circuit, and he’s sizzling even more with each race he wins. But outside the track, his personal life is flipped upside down when he finds out that his soon-to-be fiance is cheating on him—with another driver to boot. Betrayal hurts and Clay is on the defensive when he meets Tricia. Nonetheless, during their fateful meeting, unexpected sparks start flying. Tricia and Clay’s feelings for each other start blossoming. But even then, they’re not in the clear as the only romance Tricia’s ever known is endangered by jealousy and deceit from unexpected parties. Will it be a case of having loved and lost for her? Or will Tricia let Clay introduce her to an old-fashioned romance for the modern day?

According to the Asperger/Autism Network (AANE), professionals estimate that one in every 250 people have an Asperger profile. This means that the condition is quite prevalent despite the public's lack of awareness. Aside from informing more people about the issue, with her novel Powell also gives representation those with such conditions. And not just as a side character or token, but as the protagonist of the narrative.

“I realized that I could be a voice for those on the Autism Spectrum by using my perspective on life to encourage others through the book,” says Powell. So aside from a heartwarming tale of finding love, with “Cowboy Dreams” she is also raising visibility for a good cause. Ultimately, this makes her love story a work and an act of love, one that can help people with its message. Everyone deserves love, as love is understanding, it doesn’t discriminate, and it offers people a chance to be happy.

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Originally from Orange County, California, Patricia L. Powell has always held a passion for helping others. Despite challenges she's faced as a result of Asperger's Syndrome, she has a compassionate heart for those seen as different or misunderstood. Through her writing, she hopes to bring awareness of it to others.

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