Book-In-Focus: The Scary Snow Day: A Story with a Moral by Kyle

Book-In-Focus: The Scary Snow Day: A Story with a Moral by Kyle_The BookWalker

The holidays are coming and with it beautiful snow, at least if you live in a region with snowy winters. And while snow days and canceled classes are often reasons to rejoice and spent some time lazing about with mugs of hot chocolate or goofing off outdoors, it’s not always fun and games. As Kyle Derby Pratt shows in her children’s book, “The Scary Snow Day: A Story with a Moral.” In it, she shows how slippery perils can frighten some kids, and what they can do to overcome their fears.

Pratt portrays an experience many parents, and their kids can relate to. Sometimes, fun activities can seem terrifying especially to first-timers. Sledding down a hill, in particular. But while parents and friends can give all the encouragements and dares they want, it’s up to the kid on that sled to make the final choice and take the leap of faith. In Pratt’s story, readers will see whether or not Timmy will do it — and just what happens to him when he decides.

“The Scary Snow Day” makes for fun bedtime reading. Parents can show their children that there’s nothing wrong with being afraid of barreling down snowy heights while riding on a wooden board. At the same time, the story shows them that frightening experiences can also be fun ones as well. Like roller coaster rides and Halloween disguises. Ultimately, the entire experience is a learning opportunity, a crucial part of children’s growth and development outside of the classroom that could very well be closed for the day due to the snow. Children can decide, whether choosing to overcome fear and have fun, or even erring on the side of caution and avoiding risks. That capacity to decide is in itself a significant part of their developing autonomy. But of course, sledding down the hill while screaming at the top of your lungs is a total blast. So, go Timmy!

“I wrote this book when my son was young and afraid to sled down a hill out in front of our house. I wanted him to realize that if he just tried, some really great things would happen.” Pratt says. In an age of video games and smartphones and overloaded school curriculums, quality time outdoors remains irreplaceable. “The Scary Snow Day” is a reminder to cherish and relish such carefree times, rough-and-tumble fun, and the adventures of youth. So kids, remember: take a step back, take in the scene… and take the plunge!

Reviews and What Readers Say

“ This will be an unusual review. I received a phone call of someone wanting to talk to my husband. She mentioned she wanted to talk about his book "The scary snow days" I mentioned my husband is a writer, but did not write the book. Curious I looked up the book, now my husbands name is Kyle D. Pratt this writers name is Kyle Derby Pratt. Any way I down loaded the book and thought the rhyming story telling was lovely and would definitely buy this book for my future grandchildren. "

Susan Pratt, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

“This book was such a delight to read to help kids think about what they are afraid of and how to deal with those emotions appropriately. This would be a great discussion starter to allow children to speak and give words to their inner anxieties so they can be free. I love that this is geared for young ones as many of us adults were never taught the moral in this story.”

―Christine, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

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As a first time short story writer, Kyle has taken the leap to publishing! As the mother of one son, she felt the need to write something uplifting with a moral at the end—a lesson to be learned.